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If you have ever thought to yourself that your life has lacked stickers, like there has been an empty hole in your life which is due to the lack of them, much like me every single day of the year, then you’ll be as overwhelmed with happiness as much as i was when I came across Tenstickers online. An up and coming website, the company puts 100% of its effort into providing its customers with high quality stickers for all your needs. Whether it’s for your laptop, murals and decals for your wall, or even personalised quotes that you say every day of the year, the website has it all. 

The website provides pre loaded designs of their own, with over 3,000 to choose from, but you also have the option to personalise stickers to your own accord, whether this be adding a name to add the finishing touch to a decal which they have designed, or using your own image to create a sticker personal to you.

I decided to try the website out by ordering two laptop stickers, as I have no space for a wall sticker (cry) . However, if you did want to buy a wall sticker, depending on the size, the prices can range from £4 – £50 (which is for a HUGE 1m x 1m size.)

I decided to stick to a theme when ordering my laptop stickers and only one thing came to my mind when thinking of what theme: The Simpsons. As possibly the biggest fan out there, there was no other option. To my surprise, there was already pre loaded designs on the website on there – and the one I ordered being £9 – a cutesy outline of the rebellious Bart Simpson, it was a steal. You are also able to change the colour of the sticker also, in case you’re like me and have a ridicously bright coloured laptop, this is an excellent addition to make the sticker exactly how you want it. 

The SimpsonsPersonalised stickers give you all the control for how you want you sticker to be. Absolutely any image can be transofrmed into a wall design or a laptop sticker. I chose a rather happy image of the Simpsons’ famous dog, Santa’s Little Helper. And even with the horrific qaulity of an image that I provided them with, they still managed to come up trumps with the image:


The sticker cost me £6, but one thing to be careful with when ordering a personalised stickers however, is to be aware of just how big you want the sticker to be. I quickly Googled the measurements of my laptop before ordering the stickers and typed the laptop mesurements in – not thinking that I didn’t want my sticker to be the size of the whole thing. As a result – the sticker came this size, meaning I had to cut it down myself:


The stickers are also a bit fiddly to apply. However, for £1 you can add a ‘test sheet’ in which you can practice placing the sticker down before using the actual piece and messing it up. A pretty helpful tool if you don’t want to spend a good 20 minutes or so painstakingly attaching the stickers for it to come out looking completely disheveled. 

Overall, if you are looking fun, quirky and able to be personalised to perfection, Tenstickers is the website to visit. At such affordable prices for such a high quality, anybody is able to beautify their living room that little bit further. Just be very careful when applying the stickers, if I had such problems when applying a tiny laptop sticker, i can’t imagine the difficulty I’d have attempting to place on a wall sticker. 

To check out the 3694 designs they have on offer, or to find out any more information, go to

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