Storage Solutions For The Perfect Uni Room

It’s only when you move accommodation do you realise how much crap you’ve accumulated over the last year. Even those of us who make a conscious effort to buy less are astounded by how quickly our things can build up. So when cutting down is difficult, the next step is to find where to stash everything. Here are our handy storage solutions that will help make your life that little bit more clutter-free.

Statement Boxes

image015Sometimes storage solutions coincide with a statement piece of furniture, whether that be a renaissance styled shelf or a modern mahogany bookcase. My favourites are the rustic looking wooden boxes that you can now buy from many different shops. This particular distressed box is from Wayfair. They offer plenty of room inside, you can still place things on top and they look great at the foot of the bed. Well, lets be honest, they’ll look great anywhere! 



Textured Boxesfoldable-fabric-storage-box-33cm-x-33cm-x-31cm-

Textured boxes are a great cheaper alternate to wooden boxes but still a step up from the cheap plastic that you can buy. This one from Matalan is only £7 and fits a fair amount into it. You can stack them up, hide them under the bed, inside the wardrobe or even use them to fill a corner. The handle makes for easy reach and the lid means you don’t need to hide the boxes away, your messy secrets are safely hidden inside!


photo-1444533045186-3d46ae6c5e50Recycled Storage

Using bottles and jars to put your bits and bobs in has long been a tumblr tradition but it looks great in the flesh too! Whether it’s plants, brushes, pencils or lights, using a variety of different shapes and sizes of jars can mean that all of your small storage problems can be solved with just a little creative thinking and without the parting of money.


Or alternatively, you could throw everything into the back of your wardrobe, close the doors really quickly and pray that things won’t fall on you when you next open the doors!

What are your thoughts? How you deal with your clutter? Let us know in the comments or on our twitter page.

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