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I have always struggled with hay-fever from the age of about seven. Waking up in the morning with a scratchy throat, eyes itching and nose blocked, that will later clear throughout the day. Some days are obviously worse than others, but it’s like suffering with a constant cold. When in primary school it often prevented me from going onto the field, if this sounds familiar then I urge you to try a product called HAYMAX. Here is a short review of my experiences with haymax:

Having tried multiple different tablets and products I have found that they prevent symptoms for a couple of hours but they soon return. However, I recently tried a product called HAYMAX. It has changed my snuffly mornings and relieved my symptoms throughout the day.

HayMax is an organic, drug free, allergy relief, I tried using the pure balm. I applied it around my nostrils and under my eye bone. Every time I sneezed or my eyes watered I would re apply the product which became stronger throughout the day. When I first used the product I noticed my eyes stopped itching for the whole day. I also found I did not sneeze as much and my nose was not blocked throughout the day.

As I said before I have tried multiple different hay-fever and allergy products but none of them have ever relieved my symptoms for the whole day. HayMax however, cleared my symptoms for the whole day and even made it easier to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. I really recommend this product to anyone who has hay-fever and struggles through exam periods or just everyday life.

The product can be found online or in some local whole sales or pharmacy’s. you can purchase different scented balms or a pure non fragranced balm. There is also a chance to buy a children’s balm. To purchase your own product or for more information follow the link bellow:

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Lucy Benardout

First Year student at Coventry University studying English and Creative Writing.

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