Student accommodation: 4 cheap ways to decorate your room

Contrary to what you might have seen on TV or imagined as you drove up to campus, a student room is not special in any shape or form. Sure, it’s functional, it has everything you might need neatly packed and organized in a small space, but other than that, it’s as bland and soulless as any other student room on the campus. But that doesn’t mean that it should stay that way.

This is your golden opportunity to make a home here, to decorate your living space according to your taste and preference, and create a safe haven you will love to be in. Cramming for finals and getting the work in night after night won’t seem like such a chore once you introduce these beautiful changes to your room.

Add colour and pzazz to the walls 


Firstly, keep in mind that you’re probably not allowed to do anything to the walls. You’re not to change the colour, you’re not to drill holes to hang up paintings, and you are to leave the room exactly as you found it when you move out. Well, the joke’s on the educational system because there’s plenty of alternative solutions for you to try out.

In order to bring a dash of colour and pzazz to the walls and elements, you can just use washi tape. It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to clean, and it won’t harm the design of the room. If anything, it will enhance it. You can use washi tape to frame pictures and posters, decorate bookshelves and window frames and bring a breath of life to your work desk.

Imbue with comfort and personality

Your dorm room should be a reflection of your unique personality and all of the things that make you who you are. So naturally, it should contain all of the things that make you happy on a daily basis, and motivate you to push towards achieving your long-term goals. You can start by decorating your workspace with valuable items such as photographs, quotes from your idols, or trinkets that your significant other gave you.

Next, move over to the bed and the chairs, and consider how you can spruce up the design of these pieces. A cost-effective solution would be to scatter comfy silver cushions on the furniture to bring a feeling of warmth and cosiness into the mix. Complement with colourful chunky-knit blankets and you have yourself a comfy dorm room!

Nail the lighting for every occasion 

Lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood of the room for every occasion, whether you’re pulling an all-nighter to prepare for an exam, or if you’re throwing a party for your house mates. Unfortunately, chances are that your room has one simple overhead light and not much else to bring a unique setting to life. This means it will be up to you to bring some creative lighting into the mix.

Before you start bringing in disco balls and hooking up strobes on the walls, be sure to consult a reliable electrician on where you can and cannot tamper with the electrical grid. Even better, look up an emergency electrician, you never know when you’ll need one. Next, go ahead and hang a disco ball on the ceiling, and put up light show bulbs in the corners of the room. Finally, for those peaceful reading sessions, you can add a freestanding lamp next to your desk.

Thrive on the colour green 

Greenery is one of the most overlooked features of a dorm room, even though it has the power to completely transform the design and aesthetic appeal of the setting. Not only can strategically-placed greenery liven up the place, but by choosing air-purifying plants, you can easily create a healthier place to live in.

What’s more, positioning greenery so that it’s always in your line of sight will help you maintain productivity throughout the day, banish fatigue, and eliminate mental fog associated with spending too much time indoors. Simply make it a habit to spend a couple of minutes staring at the serene green hue and experience a new wave of positivity and serenity wash over you.

Living the life of a 21st-century student is definitely not an easy task, but it might become a bit more enjoyable and fulfilling if you spend some time transforming your room into a sacred space your mind, body, and soul will love. With these essential tips in mind, go ahead and create a dorm room to rival all others on the campus.

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