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If you don’t have these items with you when you go to uni then quickly pop to the shops! These items have proved to save the day on numerous occasions and many students agree!

Alarm Clock

Every student needs an alarm clock. You can say that you’re going to go to bed at a decent time and wake up to go for a jog and smoothie at 7am every morning but you’ll soon find yourself still awake at 3am and that 9am will be painful! An alarm clock will be a life-saver (not in the moment but you’ll thank me when you get to your 9am and and the lecturer lets slip of the exam questions!)

A great student choice is the MIXX Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Digital Alarm Clock. The digital clock is easy to read in the dark; bright enough to read in any light but not too bright that it blinds you or keeps you awake at night. The alarm has two settings so even heavy sleepers can be woken. There’s also a touch to snooze button for those who are reluctant to get up and need the extra ten minutes of sleep.

The nice part of the MIXX alarm clock is that it doubles up as a speaker. As a student, you can never have enough speakers! The sound quality is great and the speaker is easy to use, connecting with any device through bluetooth or a removable wire. There is an anti-slip base to reduce surface vibration and a dual speaker to create a great bass effect. It also doubles up as a phone charger whilst you sleep.

The Mixx S3 is available from for £40 in either black or pink.


When you’ve already been sat in the uni for two hours and that word count is increasing at a painfully slow pace, all you want is caffeine. However this leads to a dilemma. Go to the uni cafe and you risk losing your seat at the library, and we all know that during deadline season seats in the library are gold dust! 

Owning a decent flask as a student is a life saver! The Hydro Flask is a particularly good flask that I highly recommend to anyone who ask me. It promises to keep drinks piping hot for 12 hours and icy cold for 24 and so far this has proven true! Perfect for a coffee fix in the library or a sneaky shot of wine in a lecture! It’s reusable and easy to clean so feel free to mix it up day by day. As an extra bonus, the bottles are soft, a nice size to carry round and come in a variety of colours. The plastic is BPA free too!

The flasks are £26.95, check out the full range at


There’s only one thing that can make revision fun! Funky gel pens! School leavers from the 90’s will remember the gel pen craze that flooded classrooms and even at the age of 21, gel pens can still improve your mood! The vibrant, glittery squiggles across the paper can make any mind map look interesting.

Pentel have launched their Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pens and they’re amazing! There are eight shimmering metallic colours but the magic here is that they pens produce different colours depending on the colour of the paper. The pens glide effortlessly across the paper, creating a kaleidoscope of colour as they go. These pens lets you connect with your true creative self and explore a whole new realm of colourful opportunities, all whilst transporting you back to your childhood.

The Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pens are £9.99 in leading stationary shops, check out more here.


After a long day at uni, all you want to do is flop onto your bed and rest your tired head. You’ve been at uni since 9am, running in and out of seminars, listening to the lecturers bad jokes and scribbling until your hand turns red. You deserve a break! Well how about sinking into a corduroy beanbag? Sounds tempting right? 

The Corduroy Hi-Back Gamer Bean Bag has been a great addition to my uni room. It’s so comfortable, the filling of the bean bag means you can pump it up and fall into any position you like. You can sit upright to play a round of Mario Kart of lay it flat to read a book. The corduroy finishing is also perfect. You can lay and stroke the bag and it feels so soft against your skin. It’s also worth knowing that they’re designed and made in the UK, Nottingham to be exact. The Beanbags at are also refillable so your new love really can also forever. So treat yourself, I promise you won’t regret it! 


After a productive day, or non-productive day, there’s nothing better than putting on some headphones and blaring out your favourite song. Bedroom dancing is a sure fire way to unwind and relax, whatever age you are! However, the trouble of having to hold your iPod and dance over your headphone wires just to accidentally yank them off your head is no fun! So wouldn’t it be perfect to have a pair of headphones with no wire, no limits.

The Plantronics BackBeat 500 headphones are perfect for any student that likes a boogie! The wireless headphones connect to any device through bluetooth at the flick of a switch, with the capacity to connect up to eight devices. The headphones are padded for hours worth of comfort, with high quality sound at even top volumes. There’s up to 18 hours of music in one charge with a hibernation mode so the headphones last up to 60 days on full battery when they’re not in use. They’re the perfect student earphones!

BackBeat 500 Series is available today in three colors – white, grey and dark grey – on for £89.99.

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