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During the Student Hub in The Light, Leeds, Student Wire had the pleasure of playing dress up in Ark Clothing. Now, as a self confessed fashion lover I have to admit, so far in my year and a month living in Leeds, I’d never been to the store. 

So, on the Friday afternoon I took a break from flagging people down for freebies in the Courtyard of The Light to head to Ark with 3 of my friends. When you first walk into the store you’re greeted by creative window displays and an entire section dedicated to the new favourite for Autumn/Winter 15 – tartan. Skirts, shirts, socks, all tartan. 


Moving past the print of the season, displays of Fred perry polo t-shirts, motel playsuits and Ragged Priest Jeans caught my eye. 

We were given a tour of the shop by the manager and told to pick up anything we wanted to try on – a girls dream! After about 40 minutes from picking up everything we could possibly wedge between our arms we headed into the back to stage our own photoshoot. 


Ark stocks a range of brands from Rare to Mink Pink and Pretty Green to Religion – they have all the student favourites. To make matters even better they do student discount! Get 20% off these top brands all year round.


As well as the store, Ark Clothing boasts a successful fashion blog:, which can keep you up to date with all things going on in the fashion world. From fashion week in Paris to designers newest muses, such as Gigi Hadid. 

Here are some of our favourites from the day:

image1 image3image2


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