Are you a student that loves trying new beauty products?

Are you a student that loves trying new beauty products?
Well look no further…

If you are anything like me, you have probably found that treating yourself to beauty products every couple of weeks just is not the case at university. However, Birchbox is an online beauty company, that allows you to own five new sample size beauty products at only £10 a month. Contained and shipped in a beautifully designed box, which can later be used to hold all your products. I am going to be reviewing the February box, designed and created by Birchbox and Papier. Every customer received a full-size spectrum multi eye tool and POP Smokey eye shadow set. Along with these products I received the Nuxe ‘Huile Prodigieuse’, Beaver daily moisture conditioning spray and the Keeome hydration therapy mask.

Pop eyeshadow set and Spectrum multi eye tool

The three chosen colours in the POP pallet combine to create a cute day look but also a fierce night look. Combining the two pink colours creates a subtle day look, and by using the spectrum multi eye tool this allows you to focus on the corner of the eye but also buffer the darker colour on the outside. To then create a Smokey effect, work the darker brown through the outer pink.
Not only does the spectrum brush look sleek, it also works to create several different looks. I really recommend it and it’s not too expensive either.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I have tested this in two different ways. It can be used on hair, face or body but I chose to focus on using it on my face. I used a small drop of the oil in my moisturiser and it worked excellently. Not only did it cause my skin to be super smooth but it also created a smooth base to wear makeup on top. I also tried using a small drop in my foundation (only when I had not used the moisturing way). This also worked well, allowing my foundation to set properly and created an even layer.

Beaver daily moisture conditioning spray

This is by far my favourite product out of the five. I have tried multiple different conditioning sprays for my hair to tame fizziness and nourish it, and many of them have failed to work. The Beaver spray however, tamed fizziness when straight and naturally wavy, nourished my hair and helped to de-tangle it. I really recommend purchasing this product as it will be a life saver to any type of hair.

Keeome hydration therapy mask

I found that this mask is difficult to place over the face but did cleanse my face to perfection. It helped clear out my pores and moisturise my face. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and after removal used a warm clothe to remove any residue. My face after felt nourished, refreshed and smoother. I normally prefer peel off masks, however, the Keeome face mask has changed my opinion. After skilfully placing the mask on my face it worked better than any face mask has before, completely purifying my skin.


I hope this has given you an insight into the different products Birchbox provide. Whilst also giving a simple suggestion to tame your beauty habits. If you wish to become a member of Birchbox use the link bellow to get £5 off your first box.

P.S. in March’s box, every member is receiving a ‘Benefit they’re real double the lip’ and you’re given the choice from two colours gorgeous colours.

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Lucy Benardout

First Year student at Coventry University studying English and Creative Writing.

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