Student Summer – What to do?

If you are a university student, you’re probably on your summer holidays right now. Whilst 3 months of summer sounds like absolute bliss, weeks worth of Netflix can get boring after a while. If you don’t have a summer job, why not use this summer to build your CV and learn some new skills. Who know’s.. it could be fun?

1. Relax 
Definitely relax. Take some time to catch up with family and friends. Be selfish, have lazy days. You’ve earned it!

2. Learn a new hobby
Learn a new instrument or pick up something that you used to love. I have started to get a bit crafty and started crocheting, maybe you could start a blog? Dig out those old instruments, grab some paints and get crafty! You don’t know what you could discover!

3. Volunteer
Finding a summer job is hard, so why not volunteer? Learn some retail skills, by working in a charity shop or gain experience working with children in a youth club? It is great to build your CV and learn some new skills that may help you in the future. Working with people of all ages is also a plus and being adaptable working with new people is a very valuable skill. 

4. Read
Doing a university degree that require a lot of reading has meant that I haven’t picked up a fiction book for a very long time. I am hoping to change that this summer by grabbing some new books and getting reading. Going on Amazon or to the supermarket means that they can be picked up for cheaper than in places like Waterstones or WH Smith. 

5.  Clear out 
Spend a few days having a complete sort out of your bedroom. Give away some old clothes to charity and uncover some hidden gems. We all know that finding old toys and things is so much more fun than the actual cleaning itself!

What are you up to this summer? 

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