Student Worries: 5 Steps To Forget Your Troubles

Have you ever found yourself in the dire situation of constantly struggling with your troubles? Are you distressed because you feel belittled by your worries, or is it because you think that not worrying at all could lead to something even worse? When you have started pondering over your troubles, does it leave you feeling impossible to halt your worrying?

In case you have found yourself in any of these situations, you shouldn’t be too concerned, because it is only normal for a significant number of people. About 1 in every 10 people perceives the process of focusing on their troubles to be seriously distressing. This is true, especially in the world of learning, where students are bombarded with a vast array of issues that could lead to a genesis of many troubles.

We can all agree that this is one of the unhealthiest lifestyles that students, as well as other people from all walks of life, can live with on a daily basis. So, below is an insight into some of the best ways that you can forget all your troubles and concentrate on your studies as a student.


  1. Avoid Drowning in Vague Fears

Anytime that you have vague fears jogging around in your mind, it is likely that you will find yourself lacking mental clarity which makes it quite easy to drown in myriads of disaster scenarios and exaggerated worries. The best way out of this is getting clarity in any worry-inducing situation that you find yourself struggling with by asking yourself. “Realistically and honestly, what is the most terrible thing that could occur?”

Once you can answer this question, you should then spend some time with a follow-up brainstorming session. Here, you strive to figure out what you can do in the case that highly likely scenario occurs to you. This helps you in dealing with the real-life situations that you dread because most of the time, the worst that happens is not as terrible as what your mind comes up with when juggling about its vague fears. Taking some time to find clarity in such a manner can end up saving you a great deal of your energy, time and most importantly, concern.

  1. Push it Back Repeatedly

If you’d would like to increase your chances of getting rid of troubling memories or events for good, you should try shoving them from your consciousness on a day to day basis. You’ll find that if you’re consistent in doing this, a month could be enough to get over these troubling memories based on the findings of modern psychology.

For students, you’ll find that many things can push you into a state of constantly worrying about a particular situation. Be it failing in specific courses in uni or even family problems; there are very few things that the skill explained above cannot help to solve. It is also important to note that over long periods of time, this is a skill that has similarity with activities such as drinking games. The more you get to practice them, the better you become. Likewise, in this mental blockade skill, the more you venture into practicing it, the better you become at mastering your control over your troubles.

  1. Allow Your Worries to Step Out Into the Light

Letting your worries out of the bag is  one of the best methods that anyone can incorporate in the process of learning to control their troubles. In short, this is expressing your problems to someone that you trust. The effect of sharing such burdens to someone close helps you to put things into perspective and see the situations that trouble you for what they really are.

What is surprising about this practice is that mostly, you’ll find that all the other person has to do is listen to you as you open your heart about the issue and you see yourself working through the problem. In different scenarios, it is more useful for you to allow the other person to ground you, while assisting you to find the best practices as well as the most helpful vantage point of viewing the situation at hand.

If you don’t have someone to turn to at the moment, the other next best alternative is writing down that nagging worry that’s bouncing about in your head. The act of merely fleshing it from your mind and reasoning within yourself on a journal or even a simple piece of paper or computer just like you would do when tackling persuasive essay topics can assist massively in finding clarity as well as calming down.

  1. Refocus on the Tiny Steps That You Can Take to Move Forward

It’s true that nearly everyone has haunting worries and troubles. However, as much as this is a fact, the difference is brought about by the actions that different people take in response to these worries. If you would like to move away from your troubled state, one of the most effective things that you can do is moving forward by taking the appropriate action to start improving and solving the things that you’re concerned about.

This is as simple as asking yourself, “Which step can I take at the moment to begin improving this troubling situation?” Once you can answer this question, all that you’re required to do is to take that bold step and not veer off from that path. Afterward, find another step and ensure that you follow it through to the point that it leads you to. 

  1. Work Out

Finally, it is of the essence for you to note that few things work as consistently and efficiently as working out. It allows you to leave the type of headspace that’s vulnerable to getting worried and also lets go of inner tensions. Working out with things like free weights could be all that you require to curve out the troubles in your mind as well as making you feel more focused and decisive. So, not only will working out help you in building a stronger body frame, you should also consider it for its remarkable mental benefits.


Everyone at one point in their lives has to deal with stress. It is unfortunate that a good number of the people that have to deal with stress every day are students and the pressure that they encounter is often school-related. In addition to juggling social lives with extracurricular activities, students have to keep up with their studies as well as their struggle of remaining sane while going about all these activities. As much as problems and troubles can be termed to be inevitable, the steps that have been expounded on here can help you cope and manage them much better. 

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