A student’s guide to spring cleaning


Students and cleaning are not two words you normally hear in the same sentence. Yet, with the Easter break round the corner and clutter piling up on your desk and in cupboards, spending a Sunday afternoon spring cleaning will mean you come back to university prepared and organised for the exam period.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Having a clear desk is proven to increase the effectiveness of study and general concentration, so now is the time to bin those expired takeaway deals and disregarded essay plans littering your desk and notice boards. A good tip to keep your desk tidy is to get some large folders to store your notes. Normally you can get them for free by asking your faculty’s admin office (politely) if they have any around from last year’s students.

Get Cooking

During the January detox having porridge and fresh fruit every morning was a great idea, yet now the oats are at the back of the cupboard and a quick slice of toast and Nutella is the morning go-to. To use up forgotten cereals like oats and muesli make breakfast bars or flapjacks by simply adding golden syrup and butter and baking for 20 minutes.

Other common forgotten cupboard items include, tinned tomatoes, tins of pulses and dregs of rice and pasta. Meals like a hearty vegetable chilli or a quick tomato pasta bake are simple and cheap ways to use up any excess food from the semester.

Share the work and feel the benefits

With cleaning and organisation being linked to key mental and physical health benefits, like reducing stress and healthier eating habits, get your housemates involved so everyone can reap the rewards of a tidy house your parents would be proud of. If everyone tackles a different chore the place will be spotless in no time and to keep it cleaner for longer make a rota everyone is happy with listing the different weekly jobs.

Benefits of organisation and cleanliness also include:

  • A better night sleep
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Boost to productivity

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