Why Should You Study Abroad?

Over the years more people from other countries have decided to pack their bags and study abroad! Overseas education is the hot favourite in today’s age. The question obviously sparks, why do students prefer Overseas Education? There are a number of reasons for this change in ambition! Today’s student does not alone satisfy themselves with the plan of obtaining education and a degree but also the wider desire to travel, gain experiences and expose themselves to so much more by studying overseas. Furthermore students prefer globally accepted degrees, which are welcomed in all countries. The possibility to travel and live anywhere with dazzling career opportunities with the aid of these degrees is an offer that is becoming irresistible to many! Study Abroad - discpicture

Studying abroad has a number of advantages. Firstly you get the opportunity to travel –  Every country is immensely different and has so much to offer! Therefore you need to find the country which is right for you and your studies. When studying abroad you have the opportunity to visit places that you have never been to before.

Also countries are packed to the brim with history and culture; while abroad you will be able to discover and experience the country’s culture and its traditions. It’s one way of learning and understanding their cultural differences. Study their languages, habits and beliefs.

Being abroad will help you develop your social relationships, you’ll be able to meet new people and friends from the country and also have the opportunity to meet other international students who are in the same position as you. Developing your social skills is invaluable and developing them in a strange and new environment will increase your confidence which will help later on in life.

The concept of studying abroad may become a little overwhelming and if you’re a little unsure about studying in a foreign country, you’re not alone. Most students are unsure about going abroad at first. But after they return home they describe their trip as a life-changing experience they’d repeat in a heartbeat. There is a lot of planning involved when it comes to studying abroad; start the process by following these key steps!

(1) Research Study Abroad Programmes:

Choose a programme that fits your academic and personal goals for going abroad.

(2) Apply for Study Abroad Programmes

Programmes fill up quickly. Apply for two or three programmes as soon as possible, or at least a few months prior to the application deadline. Review the application carefully. If your school is the programme’s sponsor, see your study abroad advisor for specific application information. For all other programmes, contact the programme administrator directly for application questions and deadline.

(3) Apply for Financial Aid

Apply early for scholarships, grants, federal or personal student loans to study abroad. Ask your study abroad advisor about grants your school may provide. If you are not going to a school-sponsored program, contact your programme and ask about financial aid.

(6) Prepare for the Adventure

You’ve chosen your programme, and you have your classes approved. Now it’s time to plan your trip. Follow these steps:

Get your passport (and visa if necessary)

Learn how to protect your health and safety abroad

Get discounted student airfare

Get travel insurance

Get your International Student ID

Pack properly

Arrange your personal business before you leave

And don’t forget to have fun!



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