Sue Ryder’s Killer Halloween Costumes

You don’t have to spend a scary amount on a costume to slay Hallowe’en. You can get some awesome looks that are really easy to recreate, but still totally unique, by shopping for some key items from your local Sue Ryder charity shop.

The retail team at Sue Ryder has pulled together some of their top tips and ideas to ensure you look shockingly wonderful for your party. Not only will you save on your student loan, you’ll be helping Sue Ryder deliver its incredible care at its hospices and neurological centres across the UK.

Since early summer the Sue Ryder retail teams have been collecting key items like black dresses and wide brimmed hats for the DIY witch costume. These will be prominently displayed in all 450 Sue Ryder shops from October. Selected shops will also have some new items to complement the look like make-up and wigs. We’ve also created a tutorial and more ideas are available on our website in October;

Wind up doll

Get down to your local Sue Ryder and grab the essentials; pretty dress, bow for your hair, some high heel shoes. Go mad with the make-up, lots of lashes and cupid bow lips. Finish the look by making a winding key out of a toilet roll and cardboard sprayed gold.


Charity shops are normally a good source for old bits of fake fur that you can add to gloves to make paws or cut into a mask. Team these up with up a checked shirt and some black jeans – ripping the shirt also helps complete the look.


Take one little black dress add a wide brimmed black hat, some stripy tights and little black boots – then plenty of green make-up and don’t forget your broom stick. Clothes all sourced from your local Sue Ryder charity shop.


Charity shops are a great source for old dinner jackets, white dress shirts and red bow ties. Plenty of white make-up and fake blood and you are count Dracula himself.

Classic ghost

The classic ghost look is easy to create but rather than hacking away at your own sheets, pick a cheap one up from a charity shop. Drape the sheet over the person and trim the bottom (so you won’t trip) and cut out eyeholes. A neat trick is to use a black marker to outline them and colour the area around your eyes with black eye shadow to increase the creepiness.


Black and white T shirts make really easy skeleton outfits; pick up some black leggings and stretch or Lycra tops, then sew on white cut up material for bones, or apply fabric paint – glow in the dark looks great. If you’re feeling really adventurous, cut a rib cage out of a black T-shirt and wear it over a white T-shirt. Complete the look with make-up.

Mexican sugar skull look

Mexican sugar skulls are really in vogue and you can create this eye catching look by using face paints or make-up and then pop down to Sue Ryder and shop for party dresses, long gloves, faux flowers, wedding veils and netting. And for the guys, you can pick up suits, waistcoats and top hats.

Prom Queen from Hell

Old bridesmaid or prom dress from Sue Ryder charity shop; torn black fishnets, cheap tiara, eye makeup and bright-coloured lipstick. Rip the dress in places and apply heavy, dark eye makeup and let it smear down your face. Put on your favourite lippie, streak it beyond your mouth, and you’re good to go.


What are you planning to do this halloween? Let us know what you decide to dress up as and send us your pics in the comments or on our twitter page.

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