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As a student you might be tarnished with the brush of being lazy, scruffy and generally unkempt; however on your graduation day, you’ll want to show off your impeccable style as a parting shot to your tutors and fellow students. Dressing to impress won’t have been a huge issue throughout university, but now that Uni is over, it’s time to smarten up – your graduation is the first step on the ladder to your future career. To a suit buying novice, it can be tough to know what you’re looking for in terms of fashionable styles and personalising your look to suit your taste, so with that in mind, we’re here to give you the Suit Direct quick guide to looking sharp in your graduation suit.


When it comes to choosing a colour, we’re going to give you three different options. The first option is to go with the colour that’s in style. For this summer, blue is the colour and whether it’s your graduation, a day at the races or a wedding you’re attending, you’ll see plenty of gents in blue suits. If you’re wanting to show your style sense then blue is the way to go.

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Secondly, you have the classic option of opting for timeless black and white. Black suit, white shirt and black tie is the staple look for men steeped through history; think James Bond. If you’re unsure about suits, then this is the staple option as it means you aren’t having to chop and change dependant on ‘in’ colours and it can be brought out for almost any formal occasion.

Alternatively, if you’re a little more dating and willing to make a statement at your graduation, take on one of the more impactful colours of the season. Red might not be a choice that immediately springs to your mind, however with shades of Mulberry being very popular this season, you can make a style statement and opt for something striking yet sharp. Similarly, with the bulk of graduations taking place in the summer heat, something light and breezy also proves to be a solid option, allowing you to show off your style whilst staying cool.


Buy a suit that correlates to your size. For many young men in the early to mid twenties, it’s a case of going for something slim or tailored. A well fitting suit is a huge weapon for a bloke, but it does nothing to improve your image it’s ill fitting. If you’re unsure of how to pull off your suit, do a quick an image search and just take a look at some of the most stylish men out there, like David Gandy, David Beckham, Idris Elba. They all have one thing in common; they fill their suit. Excess material is the cardinal sin when it comes to dressing yourself, which makes the type of fit you opt for even more important. Skinny guys, you’ll need a slim fit – otherwise you’ll look to be drowning in your clothes. Muscular bulkier frames need a regular or tailored fit. Often it’s a case of a suit fit being the most important aspect of suit shopping.


To most who are well practiced at throwing on any old hoodie for a lecture, the button system of a suit may not be something you’re well versed in, and you might just assume you should leave it open to flap like a cape. Wrong. When standing you fasten your buttons. For two button jackets it’s easy; fasten the top one, leave the bottom one undone. With a three button options however, you have a decision to make with your top button. Working from top to bottom, the system is ‘sometimes, always, never’.

Shirt & Tie

This is simple, just make sure your selections go with your suit. If you go for a white shirt, then make sure it’s a classic crisp number. In fact, we’d even recommend purchasing a new one for the big day. You don’t want to become the style joke with a dirty faded shirt and a less than crisp collar.


Your suit and shirt give your outfit a feel, and we can’t deny they’re the statement aspects of your outfit, but good shoes are invaluable. Middle aged men, for whom the novelty of dressing well has worn off might not place great importance in the footwear, however it’s an unforgivable fashion sin. Whether you go for black shoes polished rigorously to a high shine to match your classic black and white suit and shirt look, or a pair of trendy tan brogues to match your blue or grey number, the devil is in the detail. For an added wow factor, style your belt to match.


If you’re searching for that statement outfit to show off your style amongst your classmates, then Student Wire have partnered up with Suit Direct to offer you an exclusive 15% off! Just enter the code SW15 at the checkout to get a 15% discount.

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