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In keeping with our most recent summer theme here at Student Wire, we’ve decided to share our favourite summer drinks with you. So in true British spirit, it’s time to gather your friends, light up the barbecue and crack open these fresh new drinks! 

Gin Lane 751 Victoria Pink Gin

Pink gin is all the rage at the minute, and we can totally understand why. Not only does it look seriously good both in real life and on your Instagram posts (yes, we know how you have to get a snap of all your drinks before your friends start sipping), but it also tastes amazing! The hand blown glass bottle and cork topper, as well as the gilded wording, really add to the ‘olde worlde’ feel.  In the words of the producers themselves, “Created by The Bloomsbury Club and Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers ~ an 8th generation distiller ~ Gin Lane 1751 “Victoria Pink” is a small batch gin, infused with naturally blended spiced bitters”.

But enough with all the fancy descriptions. Does it actually make for a good drink? 


Definitely! My flatmates and I first paired the gin with lemonade, lemon slices, and loads of ice. This mixer seems really simple, but in all honesty you don’t need much else. The gin speaks for itself, and packs a strong, fruity punch in terms of after-taste. Smoothly refreshing, it will go down with barbecue foods such as lamb skewers and cured meats.  However, if you fancy pimping your gin even more, why not mix it in a cocktail? Pour the Victoria Pink gin over ice, add prosecco, and finally mix with raspberry lemonade. Garnish with sprigs of mint, lemon wedges and strawberry slices, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer cocktail!


Buy it from Aldi, Masters of Malt, or Amazon.  



Mr Gladstone’s Curious Emporium fruit fusions

If you’re adventurous with your drinks choices, or have a bit of a sweet tooth, then this choice is definitely for you. The range consists of four different drinks, all with a sweet theme: sparkling strawberry bon-bon, sparkling pineapple cube, still pear drop, and still rhubarb and custard. If the names of the drinks weren’t enough to grab your attention, then the labeling and aesthetic of the bottles definitely will. They feature a quirky cartoon of ‘Mr Gladstone’ himself, surrounded by embellished golden italic lettering (again, perfect for some social media snaps).  All the flavourings are 100% natural, and are sure to be a show-stopper at any summer party or barbecue. 


My friends and I tried the sparkling bon-bon and pear drop flavours, and we were so impressed! Refreshing and moreish, these drinks would probably be best used as the basis of a cocktail as they’re so easy to drink.  The sparkling strawberry bon-bon bottle also features a resealable ‘zork’, a plastic zip/cork lid which means the drink will keeps its fizz and flavour for longer. However, don’t be fooled by how sweet-tasting these tipples are. Both contain a 9% alcohol volume, which makes this drink one to watch if you’re looking for a quick buzz with your mates. Did someone say pre-drinks…?

Eccentric and affordable, find them at Amazon and Asda

Live Strawberry and Lime fusion pouch

Kingsland drinks have recently bought out a strawberry and lime rosé wine fusion drink, that’s perfect for on-the-go drinks and picnics. The drink comes packaged in a flexible pouch complete with handle, meaning there’s definitely a few ways to store or carry it if you’re out and about. The pouch also holds the equivalent of two bottles of wine…enough for any small party of friends! The tap is push-action, which reduces the risk of leaking. The design of the packaging has been completed to really high standards, and I can’t seem to fault it at all. 

The wine itself is so light and refreshing. Obviously the alcohol percentage is slightly less than your average bottle of wine (9%), however this makes it easy to drink if you’re a ‘beginner’, or even if you’re day drinking in the summer with friends. The after-taste is quite tangy and sharp, making it very refreshing, especially if you’re enjoying it chilled. Another bonus: the tap feature keeps the wine fresh for up to four weeks…if you can make it last that long! Add it to sparkling wine or soda for a cocktail mixer. 

This wine is available in Co-Op food stores nationwide.

Extra features: 

Black by Design: Sagaform’s set of 4 all purpose club glasses

Need some quirky kitchenware to enjoy these drinks from? Look no further than Black by Design’s Club All-Purpose glasses. 

Designed by Matz Borgstrom, these glasses bring a funky-feel to any dinner party or drinks night. They’re handmade from mouth-blown glass which ensures the highest quality, and even come packaged in a cool gift box. Each glass has a different coloured stem; blue, green, orange and pink, which is sure to bring some colour to the table! 

Holding up to 250ml, these glasses can be used for wine, table water, or even an attractive way to present desserts. They’re a great way to express your individual style at the dinner table, and will be a great talking point for guests. 

Classy, affordable, and with free UK delivery…what’s not to love? 







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