Summer on a budget

ID-10058496Well, the summer has finally arrived, which can only mean one thing. Our exams are over, our essays and assignments have been handed in and now we are all in search of a load of activities to do to keep us busy. But there’s one small problem, we’re on a budget.

Well I’ve come up with a few fun-filled activities to do that will hardly break the bank. First of all, instead of having a night out, paying for taxis, and those ridiculously priced drinks, why not spend a night in the house with a cheap bottle of wine and some DVD’s? Nothing screams ‘girl’s night’ more than sitting on the sofa watching Mean Girls with a bottle of wine, a takeaway and catching up with your friends.


Unfortunately for us Brits, our Summer sun isn’t always very reliable. However, there are some fantastic new films coming out this season, so a trip to the cinema is definitely in order. To keep this activity under budget, Orange Wednesdays are a great opportunity to get those half price tickets for you and a friend. All you have to do is just text ‘film’ to 241 and receive your code. Or if you’re savvy, Vue Cinema does “Cheap Tuesdays” so if you’ve thought ahead and got yourself a Cheap Tuesdays card, it can often work out cheaper than Orange Wednesdays. We all know cinema prices for popcorn and sweets are a little over priced and out of some people’s budgets, so taking a trip to a pound shop or your local newsagents to get a packet of Haribo is an absolute necessity.

Has that bike that you used to use all the time been neglected and forgotten in recent times? Well now is the perfect opportunity to get that rusty bike out of the shed and go for a bike ride with your friends to your local park. As well as being fun, it’s a great opportunity to start getting fit. If you like, you could also pack a picnic with all of your favourite snacks, and a blanket to sit on to enjoy the summer day.

Has anybody you know got a tent? Why not take a couple of days to find a great camping site, get away from home for a while and spend some quality time with friends? Tesco sell some disposable BBQ’s for just two pounds, and you and your friends can share the price of that and the food to go along with it. Make sure you check the campsite’s rules on how and where you can light BBQs before starting though!

There are a few ideas of my own for you to try out, however if these aren’t for you then please make some suggestions in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.


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