Sunny BBQ Essentials – Make the Most of Spring

The sun came out for a day and now we’re all excited for summer. That’s how it goes every year and this year was no different. And how do we celebrate summer in the UK. It can only be by getting the friends and family over for a BBQ! Here are our top 3 suggestions to help your BBQ be a roaring success.

Portable BBQ

Of course we mentioned a BBQ, what’s a BBQ party with a BBQ! However this one from Sealey measured up to those larger fancier BBQ’s for a fraction the cost.

The BBQ consists of a sturdy steel barrel with detachable legs and a handle. This allows you to either close the BBQ for the ultimate crisp and smoky taste or open the lid to create a second grill and double the cooking space.

It’s easy to build and take apart and light as a feather (well it’s more like carrying a book or two but it’s still pretty light!) so it can easily be carried from table to table or from the beach to the park.

It’s easy to clean and comes with everything you could need (screwdriver, screws, nuts, grills), just grab a few blocks of charcoal and you’re ready to go!


Cocktail Shaker

Only one thing goes hand in hand with a BBQ. A nice, cold, refreshing drink! For some this might be a lemonade, or even a beer but for many of us, a fruity cocktail in the sun is the perfect idea.

This Shaker from AllianceOnline has been a perfect addition to any ray of sunshine!

This cocktail shaker holds 570ml (think your average bottle of glacier smart water) so fill it and you’ll have enough to make three or four cocktails! The shaker works in the same way as shakers you will have seen in popular bars. You fill the shaker with whatever create you wish, push on the lid, shake away and pull off the lid reveal you’re creation. It couldn’t be easier! Plus it looks great too!



Now imagine lying on the grass, cocktail in hand and BBQ cooking the distance surrounded by all your friends, what’s missing? Music!

Urbanista is a great brand with is influenced by Scandinavian design, creating modern audio products with a twist!

The Melbourne speaker is small and lightweight, roughly the size and weight of an iphone, although about 25mm deep. It has the option of either a jack plug or bluetooth connectivity enabling you to choose to listen on a variety of devices. It connects with Android, iOS and windows so you’re never limited to how you listen.

The Urbanista Melbourne comes with a USB charger that fully charges the speaker within two hours. This then gives up to six hours playing time. The sound is clear and crisp and for such a small speaker has the ability to reach a surprisingly high volume. Whether you’re playing the soft acoustics of Ed Sheeran or the rock/grunge of Nirvana, the quality of sound easily beats that of higher priced speakers.

You can buy your own Urbanista products at or visit their instagram page at

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