How To Survive January Exams

Step 1. Prepare

The January exams are upcoming and nobody cares. Everybody is way too relaxed and ready for some well-deserved R&R aka the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, preparation is essential. It is key to do it beforehand, read through your brief, make notes, find out how many questions and marks it is, get a feel for your exams so you are more comfortable when it’s time to study and take them.

Step 2. Organise

Organise when your exams are, get those highlighters out, and set up a timetable for yourself. If its colour coded, even better! Now you’ll know exactly when your exams are, which campus they are on, which room, what to take etc. This prevents any delays or worries on the day of your exam. Stick the timetable up with some blu-tack on your wall so you are instantly reminded and don’t forget which days you have your exams on.

Step 3. Start studying

Now it’s the main part…actually studying. What all that procrastination has finally led to. Get to the library and use your main textbook (and others) to make notes from, understand the content and keep going over everything you need to know until you get it 100%. Use other sources of information like journals, newspapers and even the internet to get a well-rounded mind of knowledge.

Step 4. Revision

After thorough studying you will need to make your notes concise and brief, making sure you have covered all the areas. For each module try and have an A4 sized paper with everything you need to know on it, all the main facts and quotes. This means you can just quickly look at it and be reminded of everything you need to know for your exam.

Start 5. Relax

This is the best bit, just chill out and wait for your exam to roll around, revising every couple of days so it stays fresh in your mind. You’re ready now! After the actual stress of exam days you deserve to relax or go mad, whichever you prefer 😉

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Brittany Guymer

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