Sydney’s best study options (top 5 universities and colleges)

Australia is one of the most desirable countries for foreign students. Of course, being the capital and the most exciting Australian city, Sydney is the number one choice for most of them (as well as Australian students). Sydney also boasts with a wide offer of universities and colleagues for everybody’s taste, so if you are considering your studying options, here’s why you should put Sydney as your top priority.

Sydney – a city that has it all

There are a few Australian cities perfect for foreign students, but Sydney is number one. Let’s just mention one of the world’s most astonishing sights located in Sydney – the fascinating Opera House, Sydney Harbor, mesmerizing Bondi Beach, and lovely Royal Botanic Gardens. You can also enjoy ferry rides, fun nights out in numerous local bars and restaurants, see the beauties of Garigal National Park and enjoy various Australian sports games. Sydney also has great connections with the rest of the country, allowing you to visit Australia’s best destinations. In short, Sydney is a dream city for college students.


1. For the tech wizards, there’s UTS (University of Technology)

UTS belongs to the list of top universities in Australia even though it’s one of the youngest ones in the country (established in 1988). However, its quality approach, excellent programmes and skillful staff enabled it to make it to the top list in a short period of time. It’s also located close to Sydney’s CBD and in the heart of the creative precinct of the city, allowing you to always be at the center of any important event.

2. For those who love dealing with money – the University of Sydney (USYD)

This is Australia’s oldest university, which continues to be one of the leading universities in the world, being on the 8th place currently. It offers and an incredibly wide range of academic programs, so you can probably find there exactly what you want. In addition, it has a fascinating campus, which is on the list of the world’s most beautiful universities.

Regarding the fact that Sydney is one of the biggest financial centers on the planet, this is the university to go to if you want extensive education in banking, financial and fintech sector.

3. Vocational colleges perfect for the modern world

Do you want to gain vocational skills that will allow you to run your own business one day? Current trends have also opened door to new types of colleges that gain more popularity and significance each year. Fast-growing beauty industry also tags along the development of leadership skills and the ability to run a business. Australian college of Skills and Education offers various programs in different vocational areas. On the other hand, the fast growth of beauty industry makes attending a Business and Beauty College in Parramatta attractive as it will provide students interested in this type of industry with the most comprehensive education there is. The great thing about vocational courses offers is that they are held throughout all day and even on weekends, allowing students to get practice the rest of the day.

Sydney students university

4. Innovative spirits should opt for the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The World University Rankings place this university on the 45th place. Students who are prone to innovative methods, research and creativity would find the best fit in UNSW. It is a founding member of the Group of Eight – a coalition of Australian universities intensively focused on research.

In addition, let’s just point out that the majority of Australia’s CEO’s studied at UNSW, which tells you tons about just how great this university really is. It is also at the top of the list of the largest number of millionaire graduates. Its graduates are also highly demanded from various types of employers and are offered high starting salaries. Very appealing, right?

5. Looking for real-life experience? Join Macquarie University

This is a public research university located in the beautiful suburb of Macquarie Park. It’s only 60 years old but it has already proven to be one of the top universities in the country. Its uniqueness lies in a program only available at this university – PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program. It is a multi-award winning program that includes students in the real world, engaging them in real-life activities to make them prepared for what is to come. The activities include cooperation with numerous organizations in Australia and across the world. In other words, the practical experience that domestic and international students acquire there is of incredible value for future employers.

Final words

Sydney is the ultimate destination to spend your college days. It will allow you to make great memories and see tons of beautiful places. But most importantly, it will provide you with top education, making you the graduate at some of the most prestigious colleges in the world.

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