6 Tech Gadgets That Will Save The Day

Most of us here, reading this now, were born in the millennial. We’ve seen the advancement of technology; the life and death of myspace and msn, the creation of Facebook and Tinder and who knows, maybe we will even see the creation of robots (oooooh!). Whilst it’s important to not become too emerged into technology, (I’m talking about those people we bump into on the streets with their noses in their phone, I mean look where you’re going and move out the way!), there is no denying how useful technology is in our everyday lives! Here are a few tech gadgets that I’ve found have saved the day whilst Ive been at uni.


20381_iem75_pouch_lightboxNobody likes to be sat on a bus, sat in a park, sat in a cafe and the idiot next to you is blaring out music from a speaker. Sometimes you just want to block out the world around you and get lost in a song without fearing that everybody around you is getting annoyed. The Lindy IEM-75 In-Ear Monitors are a perfect set of earphones and have exceeded my expectations. The soft rubber tips fit effortlessly into your ear and come with a variety of sizes and so there is a guaranteed comfortable fit. Sound is loud and incredibly clear, helped by the fact that these headphones block any outside noise, allowing you to completely immerse yourself into the music. They also come with a handy carry pouch.



I never knew I needed an amp until I had one. Mine is just little thing but it amplifies music up to 120%, carries 12 hours battery and reduces battery use on your ipad/ipod/phone. Designed to improve the overall sound quality and volume of music players, the Lindy mini Headphone Amp and Splitter features dual amplifiers and a built in bass booster that adds extra power and depth to your audio. It also doubles up as a headphone splitter to avoid arguments about who gets th headphones! I don’t know what I ever did without it!

Power Bank

1265_large_1_20160326124443We’ve all been there. Bored, waiting for a phone call or simply looking at the time and suddenly your phone goes flat. There is never a convenient time for our phones to die on us which is why I’ve begun carrying around a portable power bank. Mine is the Vivid Series 6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank. It’s small but heavier than previous power banks I’ve owned. This is all forgiven though then i found out that it can fully charge 2 samsung phones with a little bit of power to spare. Perfect for when you’re in a group!



Personally, I’m not one of those people who likes to carry a speaker around with me. I understand
that not everybody has the same music taste and so whatever music I play, someone somewhere will dislike it. I’ve found that this one from Juice is the perfect house-party speaker. It comes with a lead for charging and connecting your ipod/ipad but it also comes with a built-in Bluetooth Speaker so you can easily connect wirelessly to any device your heart desires. It also lasts up to 8 hours in one sitting before needing to be charged and comes in a handy carry bag so if you do like to listen to music outdoors, you now can. The music is loud and clear and carries perfectly around the room. Now there is no excuse not to party the night away! 

Over-Night Charge

11e8e5a4db005056ae143bSometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. We can be on our phones checking emails until the moment we fall asleep and then as soon as we awaken, we’re back on our phones to see what happened whilst we were in the land of nod. So when are we expected to charge them? That’s where the Juice All Nighter comes in handy. Not only does is come with several different outputs so you can charge both a samsung and a iPod at the same time, but it also comes with enough power to fully charge an iPad in record time. You can also shake the box to see how much power is left within it through the four light system ( 1 light is 25% charged, 2 lights is 50% charged etc.). Above all of this, the charger is safe to be left plugged in so whether you need to charge something on the move or over night, you can be sure that this charger will get the job done safely and quickly.


The Venturer EliteWin laptop is a great choice for those starting uni. As a 2-in-1 notebook with a 
detachable keyboard and 32gb of memory, this laptop is perfect for on the move work. It’s also super easy to use at at only a fraction of the cost as a macbook, you can’t really go wrong! You can see the full review here.



Let us know your gadget must-haves in the comments or on our twitter page.

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