Technology That Will Make Life Easier

1. Google maps app
The majority of us move to a completely different part of the country when we go to University. You most likely won’t even know where your nearest supermarket is or how long it will take for you to walk to University, but Google Maps does. Download the Google Maps app to your phone to ensure you don’t get lost whilst on the move. The first lectures of the year can be very nerve racking, even more so when you have no idea where to go!

2. Lecture slides onlineTechnology making life easier
We all know how easy it is to switch off 40 minutes into a lecture and think about what you’re having for tea or where to go out that night. Thankfully, most universities put their lecture slides online for you to download and reread in the comfort of your own home. This is particularly useful if you have missed a day or been ill and need to catch up. However, don’t let this give you an excuse to never attend lectures; the slides are just an outline of the information, what lecturers tell you on the day could be vital towards assignments or exams.
TIP: Some teachers upload the slides online in advance, if so, printing them off and making notes of top of the slides can make your life a lot easier.

The one thing that every student complains about is Harvard Referencing. For some reason it is impossible to remember the system each term and the University guides manage to confuse you even more. Cite This For Me is a great website that saves A LOT of time. It’s easy to use and pretty much self-explanatory. Type in the page and name of your book/journal/newspaper etc. and the website automatically creates your reference, all you need to do is copy and paste it into your essay – simple!

4. Adobe Creative Cloud
For artistic students the Adobe Creative Cloud is great to invest in, just £15.88 a month gives you an impressive collection of Adobes best programmes. You can jazz up your presentations, impress employers with a PDF portfolio or just edit your photos from nights out. There is something useful for every student in this Adobe package. Buy the programme at a student discounted price from:

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