Tetley Tea Product Review

If you’re a tea lover, then this is the blog post for you. – With Tetley’s bringing out new tea ranges, you’ve got the best opportunity to widen your tea-taste-buds whilst picking up the health benefits that the teas include. 

Get summer ready with Tetley’s new tea! With exciting new flavours for you to try, along come even more health benefits for you!  

Tetley were kind enough to send me over a few samples of their new teas. Over a few weeks, me and multiple family members have been reviewing these products ready for you. You might be thinking… How is this student relevant?

Well, health benefits. The tea gives you so many health benefits, as its full of natural products to help boost your body. After a heavy night drinking, it’ll be perfect for us students.

And Summer is approaching.. These teas are cheap and have many positives that come with drinking them. With summer coming up and ongoing pressure to get ‘bikini body’ ready, why not give the green teas a try alongside… It might help? Additionally, with pure green Matcha tea, the health benefits grow between all the teas.

I was sent their new straight green tea with Matcha, regular boost ‘super teas’ which included added vitamins to improve every day health, and their indulgence set which included chocolate mint and spiced apple. 


We all agreed, the teas were easy to drink and were easily level to drinking normal teas and flavours. However, like any other green tea, I personally found that first thing in the morning can become quite sickly – so maybe take this into consideration. 


With new exotic flavours such as lime, apple and cucumber, and spiced apple – do you think you’re brave enough to give the chocolate mint tea a try? The teas were interesting and light, whilst not being too much for a simple tea formula.


With extra information and press releases below, Tetley’s Tea may be the secret to a quick prep summer…

Head over to Tetley for any more information on their new ranges.


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