The 6 drunks that you will always meet on a night out

3600949254_b2e245f9d7_bIt’s nearly summer. This only means one thing, spending more time outside in the sun. When the weather is nice it is more likely that booze will get involved. It is also more likely that we will get drunk quicker. There is always a chance that you will end up coupled with your worst nightmare, a type of drunk.

Here are the  6 of the main kinds of offenders and how to give them a helping hand or plan your exit:

1. Happy drunk.

These types of people are hyper all the time. No matter what is happening around them they are always happy. They are the life of the party. The only thing that would be annoying about this type is if you were sober.

Tip: Join in. What is wrong with showing someone there making you happy?

2. Sad Drunk.

As soon as this person becomes drunk they suddenly remember all the bad things in their lives. Once you’re in, you won’t get out. You’ll be confronted with a crying, sobbing and sullen person.

Tip: Try and make them happy. Surround them with more happy people. Just be sure to look out for them.

3. The reckless drunk.

7 shots in and this person has become superman. This is the type of person you will need to watch out as there is a chance that by the end of the night they will end up in A&E.

Tip: Keep an eye out. See them with anything sharp or about to do something ridiculous, well, stop them.

4. The philosophical drunk.

Be careful getting into a conversation with this type as you will probably be ending up talking about life, death or even their favourite meal.

Tip: There are many tactics you could do with this one. You could join in and try to get them as drunk as possible leaving them mumbling away. Or, ask them a question that makes them pause for quite a while. It allows you to plan your exit.

5. The sleazy drunk.

Now these are the types of drunks that are always around. The inappropriate gropes and the lascivious comments.

Tip: Ask if they want a drink. Then run.

6. The sober drunk.

Some drunks like to get a bit personal. They might tell you how they really feel or what your dress really looks like. These types of drunks tend to speak the truth.

Tip: Get this person out of there. If they do not want to leave, leave with them. What are friends for?

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I'm a second year student at Southampton Solent University. I have a love for writing, chocolate and cake!

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