The best revision playlists

The dreaded final semester is well under way. The library is constantly packed, it’s appropriate to spend your entire day in joggers or pyjamas and it is perfectly okay to have empty energy drinks/coffee cups taking up half of your desk. 

Don’t let it stress you out! Instead, here are some great revision playlists to kick start your revision and calm you down without annoying your flatmates/fellow library dwellers with your loud music. 

1. Disney Piano Collection

This 3 hour long playlist will whisk you away to a magical place. Enjoy these classic tunes in relaxing piano form. 
Disclaimer: You may have the urge to sing along to your favourites. 

2. Study Music Project

This is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to music for studying for. They have loads of varying length. Just pop one of these on and you are in for a treat. 

3. And for the Harry Potter fans

Do I really have to explain why? Put in your headphones and be transported to Hogwarts, wishing you could be taking exams in Potions or Defence against the Dark Arts. We definitely aren’t still bitter that we never received our Hogwarts letters 10 years ago. 

Good luck with exams! 

Photo Credit: Joni.Maccheroni via Compfight cc

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