Having fun at home this Summer

ID-10036937So it’s finally summer time, or Britain’s lousy attempt at summer anyway. This time for students can seem long and boring with no lectures, essays or exams in our way we are faced with a seemingly endless amount of time on our hands. Some of our friends will have saved enough money to go traveling in Thailand or inter-railing; whereas some of us may have not been as good at saving our student loans. So here are a few ideas of ways to make the most of your summer on a shoestring.

Why not take up a new hobby, learn a new craft such as knitting or sewing, or try a new sport like tennis or badminton? There is so much choice, it’s just about thinking of something you have always wanted to try and giving it a go.

Many of us will be envious of the friends who are lucky enough to travel or go on holiday this summer, but you don’t have to travel across the world to have new experiences. Why not explore your local cities, this can be a cheap day out and requires little planning. All you need is a new location, a way of getting there and off you go on your own little adventure.

Work experience is a great way of gaining experience in a sector you’re interested in. So send some emails around and see what’s available. You may need to work for free but it’s a great way of improving your CV, and dipping your toe in the water to see if it is a long term option.

Maybe you fancy a bit of a health kick this summer? Why not look into sports that are cheap like running, all this requires is a pair of trainers and motivation. Alternatively look into how much your local gym is, most will offer affordable student memberships.

Try and make the most of cheap deals throughout the week. Orange Wednesdays is a great example of this, go and see the latest box office hits with a friend for half the price of a usual ticket. Cities like Leeds are filled with offers throughout the week allowing you to enjoy eating out on a budget. Try  discount days such as  The Slug and Lettuce Happy Mondays – 50% off all food, Pizza Express’s 3 Courses for £12.95 Weekend Special available Friday to Sunday, or alternatively Yo-sushi’s blue Mondays deal, all dishes £2.50!

Look out for Alton Towers 2 for1 entry vouchers from WHSmith and enjoy a day out with friends.  It’s always good to keep an eye on Student Beans where they seem to constantly have deals on everything from clothes to food.

There is so much to do and explore this summer, so don’t let money, or lack thereof stop you!


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