The Graduate Book – All You Need to Know to Do Really Well at Work by Chris Davies

The transition from university to the workplace can be tricky to say the least, with multiple surveys of graduate employers over the years finding time and again that none or few of their new intake were ‘work ready’ when leaving the halls of academia.

The essential skills such as being able to work effectively in a team, having determination and a good work ethic, or even simply being able to communicate with colleagues, are often lacking , much to the frustration of bosses. 

The graduate market is flooded with far more potential candidates than positions available, so it’s never been important to acclimatise to the professional environment quickly and proficiently. Thankfully, frank-talking new guide The Graduate Book will take all the guesswork out of entering the high-pressure corporate world.

Aimed at readers who have already landed their first graduate-level role, The Graduate Book offers clear and eminently practical advice on how to shine in the workplace.

Author Chris Davies knows his stuff.  After a hugely successful career in advertising, he is now CEO of Graduate Coach – a London-based graduate coaching consultancy which has helped hundreds of graduates find positions with leading companies such as Amazon, Coca-Cola and Google. 

This book, together with companion title The Student Book (aimed at undergraduates), is  based on the potent mentoring programme Davies has been providing for the last seven years, which was itself based on the author’s own experiences on how he achieved great success in his chosen profession.

As he freely admits, he struggled at first but armed with a no-compromise attitude and a willingness to learn, he quickly rose through the ranks – all the more impressive as he was the first non-Oxbridge graduate at his employer.

Author Chris Davies

The book is packed with pearls of wisdom and the latest scientific insights into workplace performance, real-world examples (many drawn from Davies’s own career) and practical exercises that can be followed by graduates entering the workplace regardless of sector.

He has boiled down all those years of precious insights into 13 ‘Key Insights’, each of which is identified and explained in their own separate chapters, with headings such as ‘Before All Else, Seek to Learn’, ‘Build Networks and Make Friends’, and ‘Ask for Projects Outside Your Comfort Zone’.

As Davies points out, learning the ‘soft skills’ such as how to get along with others can be just as important as the more easily demonstrable ‘hard skills’ if you want to impress the boss.

Acknowledging that there will be difficulties along the way – “There will be times when you will cry” – he offers tips on learning to be resilient;  a crucial key for anybody who wants to thrive rather than merely survive.

Davies describes The Graduate Book as the sort of reference that he wished he’d had when starting out as it would have saved him so much time, and at just around 100 pages in length, it’s a succinct overview for success that’s well worth the investment by those serious about becoming a true professional.

The Graduate Book (Austin Macauley Publishers) is out now, priced £9.99 in paperback on Amazon UK.



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