The new year’s resolutions every student should make

‘I’ll sort it out after Christmas’ is the answer we give ourselves in December when we know we should be doing something but cant be bothered. It’s a fresh year and a fresh start. Here’s a list of new year’s resolutions you can make to make 2016 a better year for you.


  1. Make your loan last


As one wonderful time of the year ends, another begins. Yes, the second part of your student loan is about to come through.

But remember it needs to last until April. It’s fine to hit the January sales but don’t go crazy because you’re finally out of your overdraft. Before you buy something ask yourself if you really need it, or if you’re just buying it because you can.


  1. Knuckle down on your work.


Many of us have January deadlines, so get your head down and make sure you get the best grade that you can. After that it’s easy to be relieved and take a break for a while, but other deadlines aren’t that far away. Start them now and get on top of your work and you wont end up stressing in April when you realise you have a month to do all of your work.


  1. Improve your attendance


Daylight seems to last about three hours in January and freezing temperatures make it even harder to get out of bed, but make a promise to yourself to go to every lesson and seminar this term. We all love a lay in- but missing just one lesson can be the one lesson that was really important. You’re paying £9000 a year for university remember, so don’t spend the whole time in bed and make your lecturers earn their money.


  4. Get back to that pre Christmas body


Food at Christmas is hard to say no to – whether it be quality streets or those delicious pigs in blankets, everyone loves to pig out at Christmas. But now it’s time to stop being a slot and hi the gym and be healthy again. A lot of people start thinking about and booking holidays in January- so use this as motivation and get your beach body ready.


  1. Limit your nights out


It may be hard to believe for some people, but the world wont end if you miss a student night in Oceana or if you don’t go out for a week. It will actually improve your life by not having to power through hangovers and you’ll be richer too and make you richer . If your favourite night out is a Friday, then decide with your friends that this will be your night out every week and have a blast! Let yourself get that excited feeling when you’ve stayed in for a while and fully deserve a mad night out.


  1. Keep your student house clean


Hopefully you did a huge clean before going home for the holidays and have walked back into an almost unrecognisable clean house, so try and keep it like that. Just tidy and clean as you go day to day, it’s when no one has tidied for a few days that everyone seems to give up on cleanliness as if there’s no way back. Create a cleaning rota or come up with a way to make sure that everyone does their bit.


Of course there’s a hundred other resolutions to make – being on time for lectures, giving up smoking or ordering less takeaways. But lets face it we’re not all going to become domestic goddess’s who stop eating junk food and live at the library because 2016 is here. But lets at least try and make a few improvements to our student lives. Congratulations in advance to those who will still be proudly sticking by their resolutions in a few months. For those who crack by the first week back of term, I guess new year’s resolutions are made to be broken.


Photo Credit: p_c_w via Compfight cc

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