The seven student shopping tips that will leave you with more style for your money

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Living on a student budget isn’t the easiest of tasks and with more going on than ever before it is important not to compromise your style for the sake of a good time. Here are seven short tips that will help you maintain your style without emptying your purse.



1. Pick quality over quantity 

Primark may seem like a quick fix to your clothing problems, but a quick fix it is. We tend to buy cheaper clothes so we can have more clothes but this is one of societies biggest style faux pas. You must always keep in mind when shopping the importance of quality and pay close attention to material and stitching of garments to ensure you’re getting a product that not only looks good but lasts. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional Primark haul or a Forever 21 splash out but don’t expect these items to remain in your wardrobe for life.

2. Don’t get sucked in by sales

The word sale has the ability to cause mass hysteria among students who end up spending masses of money and then wear around a third of what they purchased. Most people panic buy in sales thinking because it’s cheap they must have it, wrong; there’s a reason it’s in the sale, its last season. Of course by all means peruse the sales and get yourself some bargains but think realistically ‘Am I buying this because it’s cheap?’ and if the answers yes, then I’d advise against.

3.   Choose items that can be worn for different occasions

Think your purchase through, is that skirt just for a night out? Will that dress only be ok for a date? Try and piece items together with various things before you buy it, ensure that the dress can be paired with tights and worn out for a shopping trip or that that those pants can be put with a blazer or a leather jacket and worn for Uni. Don’t impulse buy, you will only regret it.

4. Shop online

Online shopping has so many benefits starting with the obvious one; you can look in any store all from the comfort of your own home. Not only is online shopping easy and time efficient but also can be cheaper than shopping in store. Most high street fashion stores offer student discount giving you 10% off but in addition to this you’re often only a couple of clicks away from a discount code or voucher. Before you buy anything online Google if there are any store discount codes available, you can often save ten or twenty percent! Additionally sign up to mailing lists, although these mails can often be tedious you will be first to know about a sale or free delivery.

5. eBay is your new best friend

The old saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is exactly right when it comes to eBay. Whether you’re selling your winter wardrobe to make room for a new summer one; or looking for that skirt that left you broken hearted when it was out of stock and was never to be seen again, eBay can be the answer to all your problems.

The most important rule when it comes to eBaying is to be realistic, don’t charge or pay over the odds for an item – it’s a bidding site remember.

 Selling TIPS

Tip 1: Be realistic, don’t over price your items charge what you would be happy to pay for that second hand item.

Tip 2: Use a good photo; this is what catches the buyer’s attention without this they won’t look twice

Tip 3: If there are faults state it. eBayers can get angry when their products are faulty or wrongly described. You will get a better eBay reputation by stating faults than sending out faulty items.

Buying TIPS:

Tip 1: Ask questions. Query anything that isn’t detailed and that you want to know so you don’t get any nasty surprises upon arrival

Tip 2: Don’t get sucked in by a picture. Some eBayers print screen website images and what your buying may not match up to this image at all

Tip 3: Check the seller’s feedback; this should give you an indication as to whether they are a trusted seller

6. Don’t forget the basics

The basics are the foundation of any good wardrobe and it is important not to overlook them. Although it may seem tedious to buy the basics these items are usually very simple and versatile and go with everything. Meaning you’ll always have something in your wardrobe that’s not going out of style. Every wardrobe does well to have:

A pair of jeans: Whether their skinny, straight, flair or cropped, whatever your style denim is a must! A go to piece that can be casual with flats and sneakers or paired with some heels for drinks with the girls.

A go to dress: one which is timeless and can be brought out at any struggling fashion moment. This is usually an LBD that can be worn solo or paired with some tights and paired with flats or heels.

Basic Tees: Basic tees are a MUST! A plain white tee can go a long way and can take you straight through from day to night when partnered with the right skirt or heels, and a basic tee never goes out of style.

Shoes: Every wardrobe should have one of each of the 3 basic shoes, one pair of flats, one pair of boots and one pair of heels.
TIP –It is much better to splurge on a pair you love and feel like a goddess in!

Blazer – A blazer can be the finishing touch to an outfit. This basic multipurpose item can take an outfit from day to night with ease as well as being a go to interview piece. Why would any wardrobe not have at least one?

7. Use accessories

Accessories are the quickest and cheapest way of mixing up your wardrobe. By adding a statement necklace, hat or an oversized bag you can change the simplest of outfits and almost make them look brand new.

Living on a budget can be hard work but there’s no need for your wardrobe to pay the price. Use these seven style tips wisely and ensure your style choices aren’t put to the test while you’re living the oh so fabulous student life.

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