The Sims – a timeless guilty pleasure

11310412125_b010b0238fGrowing up the Sims was a huge part of my childhood- as sad as that sounds. I used to love having friends round, making families and then slowly ruining their lives or making them the richest family in Pleasantview. There was joyful power in controlling these little people at such a young age.

From what I have seen/heard, a lot of us still haven’t grown out of the guilty pleasure that is the Sims world. From the first era of robot like people to the astonishingly human version of the Sims 4 soon to be released, it is still as popular as ever. Too much time can be invested in a game where you literally get nothing out of it apart from a sense of ownership for these little computer people.

I can honestly say that the Sims is still a huge guilty pleasure of mine, I don’t spend a thousand hours a week on it like I would when I was younger, but every now and then I’ll load up the game and Create a Family with the most creative name that I can muster in 3 seconds, unleashing them onto the computer world.

What better way to pass the day’s away at uni than creating a family, typing motherlode a million times and setting them up in a lavish house whilst you are living in university squalor. Make them fall in love and watch as they Woohoo in the hot tub, or drown in the swimming pool – the possibilities are endless…

A procrastination tool used to the highest degree during assessment time. I often wonder if it will ever end, at what point will EA have perfected the Sims so much that it is verging on creepy? Who knows! But the Sims 4 is due out pretty soon and I wonder how many uni students will be in the closet about their purchase…

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