The Student Book: All You Need to Know to Get the Job You Really Want by Chris Davies

How hard can it be to get a graduate job? It’s a question posed at the beginning of this book, and the answer is ‘very hard indeed’.

With some half a million graduates leaving British universities every year, the shocking reality is that more than 50 per cent will fail when it comes to landing a graduate-level job.

The author of The Student Book, Chris Davies, knows this well, having spent the last seven years helping young people on to a successful graduate career path through his mentoring firm Graduate Coach.

The company boasts a 100 per cent success rate, providing over 500 university leavers with the essential, employer-friendly skills they needed to land jobs with top companies such as Amazon, Google, and Coca-Cola. 

For the first time, this guide makes Davies’s winning ways  available to savvy, career-minded students everywhere.

At under 100 pages, it’s a concise book. Written in a  no-nonsense style, it lets readers know from the outset that they have to be one step ahead of the competition if they want to land that all-important first graduate-level position.

Davies himself scored a graduate position with a big-name advertising firm thanks to his own initiative. It’s worth noting that he achieved this despite reading for a completely unconnected subject, Biology, and graduating from a non-Oxbridge university – becoming the first employee in the company not to hail from either of the top two academic institutions.

Author Chris Davies

It means being the best-prepared candidate at every stage of the job-hunting process, and this book emphasises the importance of preparing while still in full-time education.

The Student Book is aimed at readers still at  university (a companion title, The Graduate Book is a worthy read for those who have already left) and explains how undergraduates can go about how cultivating their curricular and extracurricular activities with eventual job applications in mind. As the book states, very few interviewers will ask about the degree itself, but firm real-world examples of initiative, problem-solving and communication skills will score points.

Based on the content of The Graduate Coach’s mentoring programme, the book is divided into four sections: the key skills that make a graduate employable; how to identify that dream career; how to create an ‘employer-ready’ C.V. and how to impress the panel at interviews.

At the end of each section, readers are encouraged to grab a pen and note down how they stack up in terms of skills and experience by giving honest answers to questions about everything from people skills to IT know-how. They can use this checklist to improve in the areas that they currently fall short in.

Addressing all the key issues, such as how to deal with the perennial catch-22 situation of needing work experience to gain work, The Student Book is the essential  go-to guide for all aspiring graduate professionals.

The Student Book (Austin Macauley Publishers) is out now, priced £9.99 in paperback on Amazon UK.



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