The Student Halls Lottery

Moving away from home for the first time to go to University is one of the most exciting and nerve racking things a young person can do; It’s your chance to be independent, live with new people and make lifelong friends. Sounds perfect right? Well, it might not be as perfect as you believe it to be.

Before moving into halls everyone has an expectation that it will be a year of parties and living with your friends, however living in halls can be like playing the lottery; your numbers may not come up. Most people that New Friends - Yuri Arcursyou meet will tell you that living in halls is one of the best experiences they had at University but it’s easy for people to have a rose-tinted view once they have moved on. In reality you may be in a situation where you just don’t click with your flatmates and you might end up clashing with them time and time again! Your situation may become less awesome and more awkward. Try not to become overwhelmed by this – Wait it out, be patient and make an effort and soon enough everyone will get to know you in their own way.  There are plenty of people in the same boat as you who move into halls so don’t be afraid.

If you consider yourself to be a shy person and aren’t the first one to talk to new people then try leaving your door open, this will demonstrate to others that you anti-social just a little shy and they’ll be coming to meet you in no time! Also when people come to meet you, you’ll be in your own room and a comfortable environment which is more likely to put you at ease! On the other hand you might be the life and soul of the party; if this is you then remember that not everyone has your confidence! Be the one to introduce yourself; this will relieve a lot of worries your flatmates are having.

There is a chance that your time in halls may not live up to your expectations, but never come away from the situation feeling that you have missed out on a vital student experience! Even if you haven’t made lifelong friends you will have grown in yourself; you have lived on your own, become more independent and mature enough to live and work in a situation that isn’t ideal – let’s face it, life isn’t always ideal. My advice is to throw yourself into the deep end; your experience will only be as good as you make it! You may meet people that will become friends for life and if not at least you can say that you gave it your best shot!




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