The suit that makes a man

What really makes a man? Some would argue it’s dashingly good looks, others would say a hilarious sense of humour, while some would settle for a great personality. Young’s Hire has taken a look back over the decades, analysing some of the world’s biggest heartthrobs, and as history would have it, it seems it is the suit that definitely makes the man. From Leonardo DiCaprio to John Travolta, here’s their pick of celebrities that wouldn’t be who they are today if it wasn’t for their dapper suits. Brace yourself girls, hotty alert!

Daniel Craig – James Bond
It might be hard for Daniel Craig to look bad in anything but he wears his 007 suit particularly well. Despite his prickly attitude and the threatening readiness to kill, Bond will always be on top of his suit game.
daniel craig 2

Leonardo DiCaprio – Titanic
One of the most iconic scenes of Titanic saw Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) turn from shabby chic to dapper gentleman. Although this style was most prominent in the early 20th century, this timeless suit will guarantee elegant masculinity in any formal occasion.

John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever
This classic 70s suit has become an icon of disco and fashion. John Travolta’s smooth moves have kept the white 70s style in fashion for over 40 years. Disco your way into any formal occasion with this snazzy white suit.

Colin Firth – Pride and Prejudice
A lot has changed since the 1800’s but true fashion remains the same. Including top-hat and gloves, this suit is perfect for any formal wear to ensure you become the most elegant of gentleman. Take a tip from Firth with this fitted number and influence your party guests with a tail coat for the optimal gentleman style.
col firth 2

Jeremy Piven – Mr Selfridge
Set in 1910, period drama Mr Selfridge not only looks at how to set up what will become a world leading department store (Selfridge & Co) but also how to look good doing it. With a classic suit including a winged collar, srunch knotted tie and pocket watch. This can be pulled off in any era.

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