The Summer of Sport for a non-sport fan

Summer 2014 couldn’t be more jam packed with sport. We’ve got the World Cup, the Wimbledon championships, the Tour de France, the Commonwealth Games as well as other events including the British Open and the Women Rugby World cup. Sports fans will be gleeful with excitement, some using it as an excuse to drink or get together with friends and others who are loyal fans.

But what about those of us who honestly couldn’t care less? Don’t get me wrong, I have tried and tried to be interested in who is in or out of the World Cup, when someone says we should have a Pimms party for the Wimbledon final all I hear is Pimms. The summer of sport for the sport-phobes like me is just an entire summer wasted watching TV, trying really hard to follow and falling asleep.

Not to say that I and my fellow non-fans aren’t patriotic- of course we want our country to win, succeed and bring honour to the nation blah blah blah. It’s just that we find it difficult to watch the process. I’m not entirely sure how I came to be so anti-sport, I used to enjoy playing, I enjoy exercising, but there is just something about watching it that doesn’t seem to grasp my attention.

Here are my top tips to surviving the dreaded summer of sport:

1. When the football is on and the whole family are enthralled, take the opportunity to make the most of the sun. Headphones in and sunbed out.

2. The Pimms party that all of your friends are attending? Don’t miss out, just go, hog the Pimms jug and situate yourself so you look like you’re watching but in fact there is a much more entertaining pigeon on the fence outside.

3. If the Tour de France is coming through your town and you have no interest in watching it/getting stuck in the diverted traffic, use it as an excuse for that much deserved film and duvet day.

4. If you really do want to make your best efforts at getting involved because you’re fed up of being the only person not, place a bet or get involved in a sweep-stake. It’s a sure way of making it more competitive because it’s you who is winning or losing.

5. There is still plenty to do when the pubs are packed with avid followers, find out the bars and restaurants that don’t show any sport and that is the place to be. Quiet and tranquil and full of other people who don’t care too!

You no longer have to hide in the shadows, plenty of people just can’t hype up their enthusiasm and there will be many ways around it this summer. If nothing else, everyone meeting up to watch the match is a social event so don’t miss out just because you hate sport.

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