Themed cheap student nights for when the bank balance is running low!

Themed Dinner Party -  Everett CollectionAs students, we all get to that point when the end of our loans are in sight and our social life starts to look bleak, but fear not! You can still have fun when you are on a budget, just grab your housemates and a few friends and hold a ‘themed night’ in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few, simple but fun ideas for a perfect night in…


  1. Sex and the City – Cocktail night

This one is probably more for the girls, but we do all love a cocktail, and we may as well follow the lead from the ladies who do it best… Carrie Bradshaw and co! Cocktail books are really cheap and give you a huge variety to pick from, or for an even cheaper alternative, simply Google your favourites. For the lazy ones amongst us, just head down to Home Bargains for ready mixed cocktails, just don’t blame me for the taste! From Mojito’s to Pina Coladas, you’ll feel like you’re in uptown New York instead of your student flat!


  1. Casino Night

Visiting Casino’s are often a great night out, they get that adrenalin pumping and you can (if you’re lucky) end up with a big win, but is it really worth spending half your loan and ending up a social recluse for the rest of the semester? I think not. So why not set up your own one at home? You could still use a bit of money if you want to up the stakes a bit, or you could just play to get one up on your mates! If you don’t own a casino board, Ebay have a great selection.


  1. Mexican night

Mexican themed nights always turn out hilariously, so get on those sombreros and fake moustaches! Traditional Mexican snacks are a must – nacho’s, tacos and lots of hot chillies of course, and why not try your dancing hand at salsa? Guaranteed to end in fits of laughter!


  1. Come dine with me

Why not make a week of your themed nights? As students, a lot of the time we live on pasta and noodles, so getting together a group of friends for some experimental cooking will be a nice change, and give you a rest from cooking for four nights of the week. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just bring out your specialities and show off your skills in the kitchen, you could even score each other to find a winner – just one downfall, you may have to forget about the £1,000 prize!


  1. Games night

A classic night in, which takes you right back to Christmas time with the family! This kind of night is super cheap, I’m sure that a lot of you have board games such as monopoly or twister hidden in your cupboard somewhere, so how about bringing these out to play? If not, with a hunt round your local charity shops you are bound to come back armed with games for a few pounds and ready to have lots of fun! Get all your housemates involved and you could get a few rounds on the go – beware this can get (very) competitive!

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