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So many of us post personal things online, from pictures of your last night out, to statuses that don’t paint you in the best light – especially if we’ve been a victim of “frape” (when your Facebook status is written by a friend, describing anything from the outcome of your recent trip to the clinic, or an alleged pregnancy – scans included of course).

When considering what, and what not to post online you need to ask yourself “would I want my employer or future employer to see this?” If the answer is no, don’t post it. Recruitment agencies and HR departments are using social media increasingly as a tool to gather information on applicants, so whilst your CV, cover letter and references make you look like an upstanding citizen, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts may do quite the opposite.

The reality is, whatever gets posted online is in the public domain, regardless if you choose to delete it after you post it or not, you have no idea who could have made a screenshot of what you tweeted or posted online, or how many times it has been shared or re-tweeted.

The graduate recruitment competition is high enough without having the added extra worry of “what if they see that picture?” or “I can’t remember if I deleted that obscene tweet…” so save yourself the unnecessary stress of worrying what your online image is making you look like, and start building yourself as your own reputable brand, that won’t bring up anything dodgy on a Google search.

Use social media to network, it is a great tool that is totally free to follow trends in your industry, employment opportunities, well-known and respected alumni and professionals. Ensure that what you post is professional, considered and well articulated – think before you click!

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