The 3 best student money saving tips

ID-10098119Saving money and finding cheeky ways to avoid paying full price for things, tends to be your average student’s forte. Of late, a number of organisations have established to specifically find genuine deals, profit ideas, sneaky tricks and freebies for students, helping to find you ways of picking up products for prices you could never have dreamed of, and providing valuable advice on money troubles when you need it most.

From providing links to sites where you can claim free memory sticks, to sites that offer the newest Xbox games for £20, student money saving websites provide students with the best money saving tips around. Alcohol, clothing, fashion accessories and much more can all be found at outrageous prices. The perfect place to look for presents if money is tight.

The top three sites I would recommend to you are:

The ‘10 ways to have money as a student, without working’ Facebook page, posts pictures and links of all known deals a number of times a day. It’s incredibly handy, as the pictures show up on your Facebook news feed, making sure you never miss the deal you’ve been waiting for. Although they are currently only a Facebook page, a website is in the process of completion, which is expected to include even more money saving ideas.

Student Beans, is the most reputable tips provider of the three, providing tips for the latest and best promotions. It’s great to see a company like Student Beans so committed to providing students with such an invaluable service. With their user friendly website, you’re bound to be impressed.

Student Money Saver could be your guardian angel if you’re struggling to get to grips with student life.  Similar to Student Beans, they provide your general tips on freebies and promotions and how to make extra money. Student Money Saver, in my opinion would be rated as the most useful of the three, simply because of the quality and relevance of their content.

You may end up finding that the three websites have similar, if not the same deals. Still, it’s always handy to have a look at more than one, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. It is staggering how many deals are posted daily and how much useful information you can access. Expect to see even more promotions and freebies in the future, as these companies are only going to get bigger and better at finding them!

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