Tips and Tricks To Use Your Leftover Food

As a student, the prospect of your food shop can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it’s the last thing you’re interested in saving during the week for.

Luckily, there are ways that you’re able to save your money and have a decent meal without burning a hole in your pocket. 15 million tonnes of food is wasted in our homes each year, most of which is still perfectly edible, there is always time to look at alternative ways of saving your pennies. have taken this on board to create a interactive piece to help you to save money with your food purchases. When the equivalent of a whole fridge full of food is at stake, a simple change in lifestyle can just be what is needed.

With that said, however, there is more you’re able to do with your leftovers:

• Designed to be used stale, using up your remaining bread can be spun into a wonderful dessert; bread and butter pudding.
• Clear out the fridge and freezer by using last night’s chicken, potatoes and vegetables in a simple but very effective pie.
• Use your frozen leftovers in a soup; sweet potatoes, butternut squash with your favourite meat can turn into something that could last a good week dependant on ingredients.

With a downloadable meal planner, tips on food labels, an array of recipes to try, plus a guide on what you can freeze, have thought of everything to help you prevent waste and help you save.

Long gone are the days of cold beans and a couple of fish fingers for your dinner, you can live on a sustainable diet if you make the effort with your leftovers!

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