Tips on how to save money – afford your summer holiday

2638883650_c81be722baWith summer fast approaching you’ll finally be able to go on that holiday you’ve been counting down the days to since the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately the problem is how much it’s going to cost. Amassing enough money can be difficult in order to get that holiday you’ve been fantasising about all year, but with a few simple tips you’d be surprised how much you could save.

Think about meals

It’s easy to get into the swing of just eating whatever you want at university.

Junk food and weekly takeaways can become an attractive option, but in reality it’s just going to drain your cash. If you plan your meals it can go a long way to help you budget on your food. Think about what you’re going to eat throughout the day and stick to it. It’s easy to get used to picking up a coffee and something to eat after your lecture but if you’ve already got food in the fridge why bother?

Save some more cash when you’re grocery shopping by trying to avoid branded foods when you can. If it’s the same thing but cheaper it should be obvious which one you should buy!

Organise and Budget

When you stay on top of things and actually think about the rate at which you spend your cash you’d be surprised how much you’ll save.

It’s going to be tempting to go on a big spend when you see that loan come in but avoiding the temptation of using it to buy all your summer clothes will work a treat in raising the money for your summer getaway. Put money aside or make a note of your spending to make sure you’ve keep enough aside.

When living in student houses keep watch of your bills and if they’ve been paid or not. If you leave them too late you’re going to be faced with some hefty fines which could have easily been avoided.

If you can try and sell some of the things you don’t think you particularly need anymore, whether it is clothes that don’t fit you, console games, anything that you can get money from, it’s a good idea to try and make money when you’re trying to save money.

A real drain on your money is going to be the nights out. Your lavish drunken spending can leave you wondering where it all went, so it’s probably best if you have a budget and stick to it no matter what. Leave debit cards at home or with a friend to stop yourself taking out more money than you need.

Get discounts when you can

Take any discount you can get as it will help in the long run – even if there’s a signing on fee it won’t take long for you to get your money back from discounts.

NUS cards will get you discounts in over 160 different shops and restaurants, all for only £12.

And if you’re travelling on the train frequently, a young person’s Railcard is well worth the £30 signing fee. Travelling long distances to and from university will see you get your money back almost instantly, saving you around a third on every journey.

Booking your travel tickets in advance is also worth doing whenever possible, it will make otherwise pricey journeys more affordable.

If you have the opportunity to get some vouchers, take it! You never know when you might have the need for them, if they’re going to save you a bit of money it’s definitely worth getting them.

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