Tips for getting a job # 1

ID-10011499For those of you that have recently graduated from college or university or are looking to find a work placement, you will already be aware that the demand for jobs is extremely high.  However, there are always ways you can improve your chances of getting hired – with just a little bit of hard work, thinking outside the box and of course, a few handy tips from us.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you three of our top tips to help you gain employment, so let’s start with tip number one and help you on your way towards getting your dream job.

# 1: CV – Presentation and Formatting

In the modern working world, when you apply for a job there are probably hundreds of other people also going for the same post. Perfecting your CV content is a task in itself but once you have this nailed down it is surprising how much of a difference it can make personalising and formatting the appearance of your CV.

We live in a world where image is everything and that goes for your CV. There is no point in taking ages perfecting the content if you then scrunch all the text up, use some ridiculous font and have no defining categories – as this will not make anyone feel inspired to read it, no matter how good it may be.

Take time making your CV look aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Use bullet points and keep sentences short
  • Use categories to structure your CV
    • Use the graphic design trick of leaving plenty of white space around text and between categories to make the layout easy on the eye
    • Make sure the text font size and theme is clear and easy to read
    • Ensure your contact details are prominent and easy to find – if an employer likes the look of your CV you don’t want them to have to search for your details!

There are loads of great tools out there to ‘snazz’ up your CV but one particular programme ideal for doing this type of work is InDesign, included with Adobe Creative Cloud. Stand out from the crowd and make your CV look well-structured and professional – this can speak volumes about your personality, attention to detail and attitude to work which could give you the edge. Getting your foot through the door is the hardest part so it’s essential you make a real effort at the application stage.


This little bit of effort really could go a long way…


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