Tips to get a job # 2

Last month we brought to you tip number one, giving you an insight into how you can gain employment even in the economic downturn.  If you didn’t get chance to check it out, take a look now.

ID-100111821This week we come armed with tip number two designed to help you find your dream job.

# 2: Example Work – Adobe Creative Cloud

Due to the competitive market, employers are having to come up with different ways to identify talent and ‘pick you out from the crowd’.  It is no longer just about a well written CV (although this is still very important).  In addition, producing a portfolio demonstrating work and projects you have undertaken in the past, is also a must.

When building your portfolio make sure you are selective in what you include and tailor this to each role you are applying for, to ensure that you are presenting all the qualities you could bring to that particular role. A portfolio also gives you the opportunity to flesh out the points that you have made in your CV and provide practical examples of your experiences and knowledge.

Whether you are applying for a design role, marketing role or business related role a portfolio can demonstrate your talents. So what tool can you use to stand out and present your workings?

Well it just has to be…. Adobe Creative Cloud

Stand out with Creative Cloud – Your story, your passions, your ideas and inspirations all build your personal brand and this is what distinguishes you from the crowd. Start with Adobe Creative Cloud; get the word out and who knows where you will end up.

Adobe Creative Cloud membership (at just £22.46 per month) gives you access to every Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop application and more. With Creative Cloud, you have the power to:

  • Create a polished portfolio
  • Make sensational presentations and reports
    • Create web, mobile and tablet apps with HTML5
    • Design posters, logos, t-shirts – you name it
      • Edit photos and videos like a pro
      • Build websites without having to write code

Top 4 reasons you need Adobe Creative Cloud:

1.      Get the world’s best creative tools:

Download any or all of the CS6 applications and more – and get immediate updates as they are released

2.      Get ahead of the pack:

With industry-leading creative tools at your command, you can master the skills that are in demand in the job market

3.      Get connected:

Wherever you are on campus – or off – you can access your files in the cloud. Plus you can share files and let others make comments

4.      Get a student-friendly price:

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition gives you the same features as the commercial version at a special rate.

This is a promoted post from our lovely sponsors Phoenix Student Store.

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