Top 10 April Fool’s pranks for every student house!

In case you haven’t noticed the date due to copious amounts of studying and er, partying, then you’ll now realise that April Fool’s day is upon us.

Although most people may think that April Fool’s mainly involves pranks like cling-filming toilet seats or swapping jars of sugar for table salt, it’s actually a great opportunity to have fun at uni with your housemates.

Of course Student Wire doesn’t endorse causing harm to property or people (whether mentally or physically), so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 pranks to play on your housemates that will cause laughs but not damage! 


  1. Bugs in the bedroom: 

    Cut out the shape of a creepy crawly such a spider or cockroach in black paper (or paper from an old magazine-just make sure the paper is dark and opaque). Stick the paper insect to the inside of a lampshade in a housemates bedroom. The shadow of a massive bug is sure to give them a fright when they reach over to turn off the lamp before going to sleep.

  2. Minty fresh: 

    If you have any biscuits such as Oreos to hand, or cakes that use white sugar frosting, try replacing this frosting or the cream from an Oreo with pure white minty toothpaste. The results are even better if you have a housemate who’s prone to helping themselves to the finer foods in your cupboards…

  3. Peeping person: 

    A slight twist on prank number one. Instead of an insect template inside a lampshade, make the template of a human head and neck. Stick it the outside of your bathroom window. Guaranteed screams from the housemate who always takes too long in the shower!

  4. Water world: 

    Buy some cheap plastic cups and fill them all with water. Place the cups on the floor to cover the entire corridor outside a housemate’s bedroom. This one is recommended for floors that aren’t carpet…otherwise you might be using a hairdryer to dry carpets for hours afterwards!

  5. Pick up the phone: 

    If you find yourself near a housemates unlocked phone (unlikely, so keep an eye out), take a screenshot of their homepage and remove all the apps from the homepage. Then set the screenshot as their screensaver. This is bound to drive them crazy, and convince them that their phone is 100% playing up. 

  6. No-bake brownies: 

    Don’t worry, this won’t see you out of pocket for ingredients! Get your hands on some brown paper and draw out the letter ‘E’ multiple times. Next, cut out all the ‘E’s and arrange on a baking tray. Shout for your housemates to come to the kitchen for some homemade Brown-Es, and watch for the disappointed faces.

  7. Wrapped up: 

    Okay, although we said we’d shy away from the cling film pranks, we couldn’t resist just one. If you have a housemate that is lucky enough to own a car, consider buying a couple of rolls of cheap cling film. Simply get to work completely wrapping it!

  8. Hanging eggs: 

    Use some strong masking tape and some old eggs, wrap the end of a strip of tape securely around an egg so that it hangs. Then, stick the other end of the tape to the ceiling of a housemate’s bedroom. They can be as secure as you want them to be depending on how far you want to take the prank…

  9. No scrubs: 

    If you have a bar of soap in your student bathroom, paint the whole thing in clear nail varnish. Soap will never be used again. 

  10. Tan time: 

    Add some self tan lotion into a flatmate’s moisturiser or shower gel. Don’t mix it completely, as you want your victim to end up streaky!

Happy pranking!

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