Top 10 Apps for communication

1. MessageMe

messagemeBe more expressive with this multi-dimensional app. MessageMe integrates many ways of connecting with people into one exciting and personable interface. Message one-to-one or as a group, sharing text, photo, video, music, voice recording, emotions, doodles and location. Have extra fun by doodling on top of images.


2. Parcelgenie

parcelgenieMake someone’s day with this gift messaging app. It’s such a simple and genius mechanism. Just choose a gift and send to a friend like a text message, your friend then sends parcelgenie their address and a hand wrapped gift will arrive in the post!




3. Viber

viberLet’s users make free phone calls, send free text messages, send photos and share location for free, with no limitations on device, country, network or device. Use your own phone number as your ID – no log in, password or registration required. The app instantly integrates with your contact list, and lets you see which of your friends already use it. Make calls even when you’ve used your limit!


4. HeyTell

heytellRecord and send voice messages to friends and family for free, like a personal voicemail service. Or use it to have walkie-talkie fun with housemates! Useful for when the person you want to talk to can’t get to the phone – this allows you to send an audio message, which they can listen to and respond whenever is suitable. Messages have low data usage so it’s as fast as sending an email. It has a group message function too and voice effects.


5. Couple

coupleA private app, to maintain communication between a couple, this is great for long-distance pairs. It creates an exclusive timeline just for the two of you, where you can post messages, send photos, videos, share your location and draw sketches. If you both have Facetime, you can easily switch to video chat from within the app, there is also a ‘thinking of you’ function. It remembers important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, and allows you to make joint to-do lists. If your both online you can sketch together, and use ‘ThumbKiss’ – a feature that lets you touch your screens, your device vibrates when you are touching the same spot. Cute!


6. Flock

flockMagically collaborate with friends to bring together a shared album. Flock automatically knows who your friends are and who to filter out as strangers, then you can choose which photos to contribute. No more need to take the same photo on numerous devices, or nagging friends for that one great photo.



7. Duet

duetSend personal invitations of all kinds to your friends and family. This app lets you propose ideas and events; you can even attach personal video invitations. You can use this to create a life list of all the things you want to do; once a duet is paired it becomes a conversation, which can be used to send notes, photos and videos. What’s more your conversations will be saved on the app, like a memory box.


8. Bump

bumpThis app is great to assist face-to-face networking. Use bump to share your ‘card’, which you can set up to include whatever contact information you like. Just open the app, bump your phones together, and the info will magically be shared. Can also be used to share photos, find mutual friends and transport between your phone and computer using


9. Skype

skypeAll of Skype’s great features on your smartphone. Make Skype-to-Skype video or voice calls and instant messages for free, or use ‘conference calls’ to voice call in groups for free. It’s useful for those moments when you want to see a familiar face or talk to your family at home all together. Use Skype to make video group chats or call phones for a fee.


10. Google+

g+An under-used social network, Google+ has some exciting features that come in very handy for keeping in touch. Video chat with up to 9 friends using mobile Hangouts; this is a fantastic free alternative to paying for a Skype subscription. Also use for posting photos, sharing status updates, creating events and chat using messenger.


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