Top 10 pranks to pull on your flatmates

ID-10086703So it’s getting towards spring and April Fools Day is fast approaching which means that it’s time to pull out the pranks! Now this article assumes that you’re good friends with your flatmates, if not then you probably shouldn’t do these pranks as not everyone will find them amusing, but for this article’s sake let’s pretend that you love your flatmates, they’ve recently covered your door in Nicholas Cage images and you want to get them back. Here’s a guide on ten hilarious and ingenious pranks:

The Water Corridor
This prank is time consuming and requires a lot of cups but when done properly can be quite amusing. The basic idea is to wait until your flatmate is out of the flat or is asleep then you take every container, cup, jug etc that you can find and fill it with water, the idea is that you line the entire corridor with water filled containers leading to a very messy wakeup. As stated above if you don’t get on with your flatmates this isn’t a great idea as you will probably be accused of bullying, if however you do all get along this is a great prank to pull.

The Cling Filmed Toilet
This prank is old but still gold, if you share a bathroom with your flatmates then there is truly nothing funnier than when they’re drunk or sleepy and stumble to the toilet for a midnight wee. What’s even funnier though is when they stumble for a wee and find that it doesn’t go into the toilet due to a fine layer of cling film across the toilet seat. This prank can be messy and unhygienic so if you’re not prepared to clean up urine then it’s not a good idea. If however you don’t mind getting your hands dirty it is quite amusing.

Label Laughs
For this joke you will need a sharpie, some paper and a glue stick. The aim of this prank is to take the labels off of tins and replace the labels with your own hand made labels. For example a can of beans will be relabelled to Mushrooms. If you’re nice you can write on the bottom of the tin what it actually is when the joke is over, but don’t mention that until your flatmate gets incredibly frustrated.

The Post-it Palaver
So unlike the other two pranks this one is a nice clean one but still incredibly amusing, it requires a ton of post-it notes but if you were smart and raided Fresher’s Fair then this shouldn’t be a problem. You enter your friends room and you label every single item that you can find, for example the television should be labelled television etc. It sounds silly but it is hilarious seeing your flatmate walk into a room covered in neon post-it notes and the best thing is there’s not a massive amount of mess to clear up afterwards either.

Balloon Bonanza
This prank is especially good if you don’t want to clear up mess and don’t have access to your flatmates room. For this prank you will need a lot of balloons but you can easily get them in huge packs from Poundland so don’t worry about the cost. This idea works best if you’re working in a group to pull it off. The basic idea is to blow up as many balloons as possible and to let them loose in the corridor. As you can imagine the look on your flatmate’s face is a beautiful sight when they walk into the flat only to be pelted with coloured balloons.

Reversible Clothing
This prank does require you to be able to enter your flatmates room but is simple yet genius. The idea is to open up their wardrobe take everything off of the coat hangers and to turn each item inside out before hanging it back up. The best part of this prank is that it is mess-free and cost friendly. Once your prank is complete sit back and relax and listen out for cries of dismay when they decide to change into their onesie.

A Side Order of Mayo
This is quite a messy trick but can be incredibly amusing. You will need some cling film and some mayonnaise, the idea is to squirt the mayonnaise (or any condiment of your fancy) onto the door handle and then to wrap Clingfilm round it. This leaves your flatmates with only one option if they want to get into their room which is to get their hands dirty. I’d recommend mayonnaise or salad cream as it’s least likely to stain a carpet and let’s face it, who wants to be scrubbing brown sauce out of a cream carpet?

Food Fun
This is a mess free joke but is still highly amusing, you will only need either a permanent marker or a sharpie, either or will do. The idea is to write silly things and of course if your male to draw penises all over food. Your friends beans? Cover it in swear words. Your neighbours Jam Tarts? Write a joke on it, be creative and as immature as you like, because don’t forget guys, you’re only a student once!

Right Way Up
This is a very time consuming joke so if like me you’re plain lazy or you’re constantly busy then this isn’t the prank for you. The idea of this prank is to turn as many of your friends’ items upside down this includes chairs, the kitchen table, cans of pop etc. Just be savvy and think before you flip, an upside down kettle or freezer will end up in disaster.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to try out as many of these pranks as you wish, and if you have a particular good one to recommend feel free to post it in the comments.

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