Four top tips for booking a holiday this summer

249497869_e82a8ffdceSo it’s that time of year again. Summer. The three-month freedom all students get before returning for another stressful year. So it is quite important that we all spend the time wisely. Seeing family or friends? Want to finally have those lie-ins you all dreamt of?

Or maybe you’re thinking of a holiday. Strolling down the beach in nothing more than skimpy shorts and a bikini top beneath the boiling sun. Or maybe you prefer an adventure holiday talking walks and experiencing different cultures.

What ever your ideal holiday may be all be sure to research properly. Typing holidays into your search engine won’t give you the best deals this summer. Want to know how the get the best holiday out of the money you have?

Follow these tips to ensure yourself that this summer you will definitely be taking that holiday you’ve been waiting for and deserve:

1) Be flexible with your dates

Search around to see when is the best time to go. For example you do not want to spend an extra 100 quid because you’ve gone on a Saturday instead of a Monday.

2) Think wisely

How long you want to go for? What time do you want to travel? Most all holidays count your travels as 1 day. If you’re heading back home on the 7th day and you’ve planned to be picked up for 10am in order to catch your flight, most holidays will still charge you for the 7th day even though you stayed until 10am (this also may be the case on the way there which means you have only had 5 days holiday). So pick carefully when you want your flights to be in order to take advantage of those 7days. A cheap tip could be to go on holiday for 5 days as this could save up to 300 quid.

3) Don’t be afraid to look further

You might have a city in mind and you only want to search for hotels in that area. This can also make your holiday a little bit more expensive. For example, if you wanted to visit New York and the only place you wanted to stay was Manhattan don’t be scared to look at hotels on the outskirts as this can save you money. It will still be in Manhattan but not as close or popular to the centre.

4) Don’t just go on one holiday site

You have found that perfect holiday and you’re close to booking. But have you really been given the best deal? Check several websites to see what they have to offer. Even look on websites that have last minute deals. This is great for both yourself and the company. The company gets to fill those last two seats on the plane and you’ve just paid for a holiday 300 quid cheaper than the other website. But be careful, these types of sites are for people who have the money ready and waiting. These types of holidays sell fast so you may not get those perfect plane times or that dreamy hotel. Follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to get that holiday cheap. Resulting in saving you money for more important things, spends!

Photo Credit: Hamed Saber via Compfight cc

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I'm a second year student at Southampton Solent University. I have a love for writing, chocolate and cake!

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