Top 4 worst procrastination habits

As a typical student, finding the motivation to get started on that dreaded essay, or get cracking with your revision can be a task in itself. Following that tradition, I find myself attempting to spend my time doing anything BUT revision. So here I share with you my top 4 common procrastination blunders I find myself using very frequently. Oops!


1. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Repeat.

Get the idea? How have I not learnt by now that nothing new is on there after only looking a few minutes ago? I should probably feel ashamed at admitting this very unsociable faux pas, but I’m just not (we all do it). Let’s be honest, any goss’ out there means we’re the first to know. But, most importantly, it makes our day pass a hell of a lot quicker- was that my bed calling?


Yep, I’m a girl who loves a good gossip with my beloved friends, who luckily, are exactly the same. Winning. But, if you’re unfortunate enough to have a friend who fully gets into their revision and has no spare time for you during exam period then it sucks to be you. My best advice? Go and find someone else to talk to. This act can kill hours off your revision time (if this is what you’re aiming for) without you even realising it and gives you plenty of time to discuss those all-important outfit choices for your ‘Night Off Revision’ outing.

3. Picture loving.

This trick is a cracker, and one I have literally just done! After arriving home from Barcelona, reality struck of all the things I had to do (sorting out a placement, revision, other uni work etc.). I’ll admit it, I panicked. So, instead of attempting any of these, I found myself deciding the most important thing to do was sorting out my pictures from Barcelona and uploading them onto Facebook. Priorities. Or, I often find myself having a browse through my old holiday pictures. Perfect! (Warning: this may cause depression/sadness if, like me, summer holidays seem like a dream right now. Being poor is not cool).

4. TV series marathon.  

Quite literally, having a series of TV programmes on DVD has saved me while being at Uni. You may be thinking that’s slightly OTT, but in all seriousness, having a DVD series to watch back to back for hours on end is dreamy. If you haven’t already done this, what have you been doing this whole time? Get on it.

So, when you run out of ideas of things to do besides revision (which I’m guessing has already happened) these may come in handy. Or, you know, you could actually just revise!

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Maddie Clifford

A 20 year old English Language student living in the big city of Birmingham...and absolutely loving it!

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