Top 6 April Fool’s Day Pranks This Year

Throwin’ it back to the beginning of the month.

April Fool’s day.

The one day a year in which I believe absolutely nothing I’m told.

I hope no one does…


April 1st is the prime time for organisations to maintain public interaction and keep up appearances and engagement to audiences. Companies never fail to keep up with the tradition and pull their best ‘new product’ prank. 

I came across quite a few stunts down my Facebook news feed on the day and have picked my favourite six for you lucky lot…


6. Sealy Posturepedic with Wigan Warriors- Pillow Pilates 

Sealy, the world’s leading bed manufacturer, took advantage of its partnership with Wigan Warriors this April Fool’s to create the idea that the team members took part in ‘Pillow Pilates’ before matches. 

By taking a Sealy pillow once a week and competing with each other until the last man is standing, Wigan Warriors put themselves in the zone ready for a big game. Or so Facebook followers were made to believe.

The idea is unique as companies tend to focus on an unrealistic new product launch for the big day, whereas Sealy stood out with their unveiling of the teams biggest kept secret. 

This simplistic idea made the cut not only because of the hilarity of it, but also because it was well thought out and easy for people to understand- the perfect recipe for success. Nobody wants to read when they can watch a short clip, do they? 


5. Boohoo- BooChew

This one has made the list due to my sheer amazement that it was believed by anyone. It’s a food delivery service from Boohoo, the popular clothing online retailer. Yep, I have no idea.

With a relatable hashtag, ‘#FriesBeforeGuys’, and and the offer of a free first order with delivery, people were firmly on board. But, of course, they felt ridiculous once realising what date it was.


4. Subway- Sub flavoured Ice Cream

From Tuna to Meatball Marinara to Chicken Tikka, Subway temporarily reinvented themselves as lunatics when they introduced Sub flavoured ice creams to their menu this April Fool’s. 

They even went one step further and created a video alongside the post, which saw members of the public pretending (I’m assuming) to like the savoury ice creams. 

This one seemed to be less believed than Boohoo, with an abundance of laughing emoji reactions being their response.

Although the advert was fake, ‘SubZero’ ice creams have certainly encouraged reaction and curiosity from the public.


3. Innocent- Office Pranks

Innocent definitely didn’t skimp on the fooling this year, as they posted a status with 11 photos of pranks done around their office. 

The pranks included toothpaste in Oreo cookies, a salad box labelled ‘free doughnuts’ and a pound coin super-glued to the floor. Not bad.

Innocent are known on Facebook for their funny posts and witty comment replies, so this fit in perfectly with their ‘down with the kids’ demeanour.


2. McDonalds- Big Mac McFlurry

So this one is just obviously wrong, but even I fell for it. The famous Big Mac sauce on a McFlurry ice cream. 

The taste is unthinkable, but I’m sure people would buy it. Doesn’t everyone know someone who dips their fries in milkshake? Yep, that person would buy this.

McDonalds created a realistic ice cream tub to reinforce their prank, but people focused on mocking the company instead, one user commenting ‘you’ve been fooling everyone to think that you actually win on your monopoly game’. Ouch. 


1. Kopparberg- Cider Ice Lollies

Now, all of the other April Fool’s pranks seemed so unfeasible or revolting, but this one was much more believable- people were definitely fooled.

Kopparberg deserves my top spot for creating the biggest let down of all time. They proposed the idea of selling ice lolly versions of their famous bottled ciders. Oh my. 

Not only was it believable, but it was something I’m now fully disappointed about as it wasn’t real. 

Well done Kopparberg, you well and truly got me with this one.

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