Top 5 foods for muscle gain on a uni budget

4208263426_9e5d3a8c85_oAn endless supply of work, a bottomless pit of hunger and barely enough money to satisfy both are not desirable features to have when trying to build your ideal physique at university.

Getting a ton of protein in daily can be a task, let alone when you are struggling to afford it all. Gym memberships are not cheap either. Frankly, most university students would rather use that money to purchase the equivalent number of double vodka and cokes.

However, these factors do not have to stop you reaching your goals if you simply replace your flat kitchen’s cooking essentials with protein-packed, healthier and most importantly, cheaper replacements:

1. Lean Meat

A simple option, but one too often avoided after a long, strenuous day. Most students would prefer a mountain of pasta and bacon than a dose of chicken and broccoli, but with added spices and variation, they can become a daily essential. Lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish are packed with protein for building muscle and virtually guilt-free.

2. Eggs

Bought in bulk, these can be cheap as chips and are fantastic for muscle building. Whether in a large omelette or scrambled on toast, eggs are essential for students looked to pack on size with little money. (They’re pretty good at helping cure that hangover too!)

3. Milk

Milk is a common staple of every fridge and diet, but many underestimate its ability to help students reach new levels of fitness with limited money. Milk is often cheap so stocking up is cheap and convenient for most students. That big glass before bed could be helping you build the arms you’ve always wanted.

4. Baked Beans

Often underestimated as a protein source, baked beans are packed with the stuff and are pretty cheap for those on a small student budget. Served on toast, with your cooked breakfast or straight out of the can, a can of beans is a muscle building essential.

5. Protein Powder

Whilst there are an increasing number of fad diets and claims of instantaneous, overnight muscle gain, protein powder is fantastic for students who struggle to afford all the food required to put on some mass. With a flash of your student card, discounted prices are also available across the Internet. Researching online for your trusted brand could help you find some fantastic deals to assist with the sculpting of your ideal physique. Buying your bag of protein powder in bulk also saves you your precious pennies you so dearly need.

Check out this article on the best diet tricks to gain big muscles for more information.

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