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Nobody has exactly the same taste, so what might work for one person, really doesn’t for another. With summer in full swing and the free time looming, I have put together a mixture of the most popular destinations for students this summer. Whether you want to chill on a remote beach, explore an old city or chug Jaeger bombs on the beaches of Ibiza, here is a list of where to go and the best places to stay for those of you looking for a bit of inspiration.

The obvious for those of you looking for a party – Ibiza:

What party animal can complete their summer without at least a long weekend in the club island? Splattered with party goers of all ages, the timeless hot spot is not to be missed if you have a taste for vodka, loud music and some choice behaviour.

Where to stay?

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel – this party hotel is described as THE place to stay for “today’s urbane clientele”… their words, not mine. It is situated in the centre of Ibiza Town, with Space nightclub opposite and a number of in-house events throughout the party season, it’s a hot spot for sure. The prices aren’t for the faint hearted so I’d definitely recommend a long weekend if you want to go all out.

If it’s a season in Ibiza that you’re looking for then a basic apartment will be a better choice than a luxury club hotel, near the beach and in the heart of the club scene would be perfect.

Anything can happen in Thailand:

For years now travellers have fled to the South East Asian country for all sorts of adventure. From the Full Moon party of Koh Phangan to the quiet beaches of Samat Island, there is something for all types of traveller. The country is so vast and so full of culture that it is hard to choose which spot to visit first. The temples of Chiang Mai are perfect if you’re looking for some peace but the busy flurry’s of Khao San Road are the place to be for any social tourist.

Where to stay?

The D&D Inn doesn’t look like much in the busy street of Khao San Road but at approximately £10 a night with a pool and bar on the roof it’s hard to say no. Singha beers in the busy city sun is the perfect place to start your South East Asian tour.

Culture & festivals in Croatia:

As the European festival continue to grow, Croatia is becoming a popular destination for more than it’s picturesque city-scape. The cities are full of beautiful history, at the coast there is man-made beaches and clear blue waters and throughout the country you can find various festivals taking place.

Where to stay?

Unknown festival is just one of the countries many festivals this summer, taking place at the start of September it’s perfect to round off your summer of fun. Tickets are just £129 so if you work it into your trip and see the sights that the country has to offer as well, it’s worth the spend. The festival is located on the coast and in the forest so it is sure to be a magical atmosphere with the sounds of house booming from all directions.

For a more chilled vibe, Amsterdam:

Amsterdam in the winter is idyllic, Amsterdam in the summer is a stoner’s paradise. The sunny streets are pathed with beautiful landmarks, the weather is similar to that of the UK and so far we aren’t suffering that much. The surreal city is laced with coffee shops selling something other than coffee, making it an experience that everyone should have at least once.

Where to stay?

Take your pick of hotels and hostels, just be sure that they are on Rembrandt square. Right in the centre of Amsterdam, packed corner to corner with clubs and coffee shops and just a short walk from the notorious Red Light District. You have to take a walk down there to see the strangest place on earth.

So there we have it. A few places with a bit of something for everyone, from the more chilled among us to the party animals that can go all night and still make it out for morning cocktails. Make the most out of your summer, because soon it’s time for the working world and then you’re stuck with a measly 24 days a year.

Photo Credit: Yang Tee Mon via Compfight cc

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