Student Wire’s Top 12 Student Blogs


Here at Student Wire we wanted to research blogs to help us collate a list of our favourites written by students. Taking into consideration the topics and blog themes that vary from technical to fun, we believe these are the top blogs that shed a spotlight of student life across the UK and incorporate elements that help to engage wide audiences.

When looking at the blogs it was important to understand who’s writing, and what are they writing about so we get to know them. By also looking at the websites domain authority and moz rank we were able to condense 30 blogs down to 12.


Drama Queen Confessions

With regular posts and an engaging blog, Drama Queen Confessions focuses on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, offering information and tips on a regular basis.


Miss is Goode

Miss is goode has a professional blog and a variety of categories alongside advice columns, which can be beneficial for all student types.


PR professional in training

PR professional in training may be a slight PR specific blog, but is still informative to all students by giving easy student advice and hacks.


salt and chic

salt and chic have a strong online presence with alt of experience across different media platforms, making the advice being offered sustainable.


THE student minds BLOG

“Raising the student voice on mental health”, THE student minds BLOG informs students who may be struggling throughout university, offering support and advice.


The life & loves of ninegrandstudent

With a lifestyle themed blog, ninegrandstudent has a “Student Survival Menu”, offering students tips for living throughout university.


College Tourist

College Tourist is a travel specific blog, offering student’s top tips and advice for travelling or studying abroad.


Go Abroad

Go Abroad informs students on opportunities abroad, including internships, volunteer work, teaching opportunities and studying abroad.


The (Un)Enlightened Student

Offering controversial blog posts to students, The (Un)Enlightened Student creates posts surrounding current affairs, helping to educate students.


The Healthy Hangover

The Healthy Hangover is a students dream blog, which is current, fun and relatable, giving students advice and top tips on how to deal with a hangover.


Uni Student Life

Uni Student Life blog offers a variety of tips and advice for students, as well as entertainment and lifestyle information.



With a big online following, nettle&blackberry offer readers lifestyle and travel advice.



If you feel like your blog is one to consider,

contact us with a link and we’ll be happy to take a look!

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