Top ten ways to procrastinate in a lecture

4138735474_f55af28e9cWe’ve all been there no matter which course you’re doing, you may love your seminars and the majority of your lectures may be genuinely interesting, but there is always one lecture which seems to drag on forever. So how do you survive it? Here are the answers:

1) Phone apps

From the Logo Quiz to Flappy Bird and Emoji there’s always one app that is trending yet seems to be impossible to complete, stuck on a question or a particular level? Fear not now is the time for you to command and conquer.

2) Create a masterpiece

Whether you’re an art student or not everyone has the ability to doodle, but why not take it to the next level? Get inspired by different artists and create the ultimate doodle that Picasso would be proud of (maybe).

3) Noughts and Crosses/Hangman

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going retro, Flappy Bird not your thing? Why not have a nice game of Hangman, bonus points if you can make it through the game without using rude words.

4) Get other work done

So you have an exam coming up and your tutor gave you a random worksheet to do for the next period which you conveniently forgot to do. Why not catch up on it, with Google at your fingertips and an hour or so of free time you may as well be productive.

5) Catch up on sleep

Let’s face it we all have had those late nights that seemed like a good idea at the time but we regretted the next day. So why not make the most of the lecture and get some sleep. Just ensure that you don’t get caught and if you’re a snorer it’s probably best to avoid this option.

6) Facebook stalk

So there’s a hot guy (or an exceedingly fit girl) that you’ve had your eye on for a while, trouble is though you don’t know their name. All is not lost though because they’re sat next to someone else that you know (thank god you accepted their friend request) and there is absolutely nothing (much) wrong with searching for said hot person on your friend’s profile.

7) Shop online

If there’s a night out coming up and you have nothing to wear, and plenty of student finance in your bank,  it’s always easy to put two and two together. Looking at Asos, Boohoo or Topshop online is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your lecture, honest!

8) Sit on Youtube

You have free wifi (thank you Uni!) and an obsession with videos featuring cats, so why not feed your addiction (in a sane way) by sitting on Youtube, just be sure not to laugh too loudly especially if the lecture is on a serious topic.

9) Text your friends

Everyone is on contract with Giff Gaff these days, right? So why not use up those unlimited texts on your friends by texting them random words and insults, because undergraduates are obviously mature like that.

10) Make some notes

So your phone is dead, the hot guy is absent and you’re skint, bit don’t worry you could always make some notes, you never know you might learn something, after all that’s what you’re paying for right?

Photo Credit: Sergey Vladimirov via Compfight cc

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