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If you’re moving into halls this year I know just how you’re feeling, it’s almost as if you’re feeling every possible emotion. You’re excited, scared, nervous, happy, apprehensive, this is all natural! After all, this is probably the first time you’ve moved out of home and to be living with a bunch of strangers doesn’t make this any easier.  But trust me, these strangers will soon be the best friends you’ve ever had and you’ll be entering the best 3 years of your life.

Here is a list of top tips that can make the moving process a little easier:

1)      Stock up

Start buying any essentials whilst you can, this will make your weekly shopping a lot cheaper. I have never bought make-up wipes, shampoo, conditioner or squash during my time at university and it really has made a difference to my budget.  Also make sure you buy a door stop, during Fresher’s you can keep your bedroom open which will make you seem approachable.

2)      Packing 

If you ever think “I might wear this one day” whilst you’re packing then the chances are you won’t ever wear it. Don’t take it, leave it at home or give it to a charity shop. It’ll just clutter up your wardrobe, every hanger counts. The only one exception is a bag of fancy dress clothes; you never know when you need them.

3)      “I’ll buy it when I get there”

Whether you’re talking about printing new photos off or buying accessory for your room, don’t wait. Buy most of your things during summer when you have money, when you get to uni and especially during Fresher’s Week your main priority definitely won’t be buying new accessories for your room

4)      Make your room homely

Being at university and away from can make you homesick, so make sure your bedroom is homely and a place where you want to be. Photographs, candles, pillows are all little things that can make you feel a little less homesick.

5)      Make as many friends as possible

Just because you’ve made the best friendships with your flatmates does not mean you can’t make any more friends. Making friends with those who are on your course really is important, not only does this broaden your friendship circle it will be really helpful for group projects and just generally enjoying your university experience.

And most importantly make sure you enjoy your experience, these are the last 3 years of freedom before you enter the world of work.

Photo Credit: Szymon Stoma via Compfight cc

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Hannah Palmer

Editor of Student Wire at Student WIre
Editor of Student Wire and Public Relations and Communication student at Leeds Met

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